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Diablo 4 Season of Blood – All features and changes of the new season

In a recent livestream event, Blizzard discussed what players may anticipate from Season 2 of Diablo 4’s Season of Blood. After a lackluster first season, Diablo 4 desperately needs a strong second season to win back players who have grown weary of the game’s poor endgame content. Fortunately, the Season of Blood seeks to correct the errors of the Season of the Malignant and appears to be resolving the majority of the significant grievances players had over the content and gameplay concerns of Season 1.

Although the inclusion of a live-service content model for Diablo 4 was initially met with some controversy, Blizzard reassured players that Diablo 4 will receive major annual content expansions similar to those for Destiny 2 as well as seasonal content released every three months. The Season of the Malignant, however, set a poor precedent for this content format by providing little incentive for players to put up with the endgame’s recently increased grind. As it seems Blizzard has listened to player comments and included several desired features to Season 2, things are looking good for the game.

The absence of significant endgame content that the season added was one of the main criticisms of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant. Instead of extending the lifespan of the game by giving players more compelling reasons to play Diablo 4, Blizzard increased enemy hardness, decreased XP gain, and reduced the amount of treasure that could be collected from occasions like Helltides, making it harder to level up. Although there was a seasonal quest line that players could follow and a seasonal Malignant Heart feature that they could mess around with, there wasn’t much content to hold players’ attention for too long.

By providing gamers with more engaging stuff to experience, The Season of Blood aims to solve some of these issues. Players will be able to acquire their own Vampiric Powers via Potent Blood, which may then be triggered with Pact Armor, in addition to a new vampire-hunting quest path. The inclusion of these mechanisms gives character creation a fresh perspective by enabling players to create characters based on any number of Vampiric Powers, independent of class.

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While Diablo 4’s new content is thrilling on its own, the Season of Blood’s gameplay enhancements are much more appealing.

Some improvements to the game’s quality of life have been made to make Diablo 4 a little less tedious. These improvements include a better inventory system where Gems no longer occupy slots, prizes gained through the Renown system on any character transferring to all characters, and improved mount navigation. Players will now have a simpler time obtaining the Nightmare Sigils required for endgame farming since they no longer drop from bosses but instead require dungeon completion and now transfer the player directly to their linked dungeon.

The increase in XP earned, which Blizzard believes will let players reach level 100 40% faster, is by far the largest gameplay update coming in the Season of Blood. Players had to spend a lot of time grinding Nightmare Dungeons to reach the maximum level during the Season of the Malignant due to the decrease in XP that could be earned. With this adjustment to Diablo 4’s XP system, players on higher World Tiers should find the game to be less tedious and, as a result, have a more enjoyable time playing.

The Season of Blood will provide brand-new Season Journey and Battle Pass awards for players who take part in Season 2, as is expected from Diablo 4’s live-service paradigm. Players who complete seasonal Missions will receive rewards from the Season Journey, which includes three Scrolls of Amnesia that can be used to reset Paragon Boards and Skill Trees. Players who upgrade to the Premium tier of the Battle Pass will also have access to some Awoken Marrow cosmetic items. For players wanting to spend some real money on cosmetics, Tejal’s Shop will also offer new cosmetics, such as the Hell’s Champion Prestige Barbarian Equipment set.

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