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“Cursed(Season 2)”: Netflix has Canceled the Fantasy Series

Netflix has confirmed that the fantasy series Cursed is not returning for the second season. It has been revealed that the show has quietly become cancelled after waiting over a year and also after the debuting of the first season in July 2020. This series is mainly Netflix’s Original medieval fantasy series that revolves around the descriptive Ya novel of that exact name by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller.

It depicts the story of Nimue, the village of whom become destructed, and after that, she has been tasked by her mother to seek for the wizard Merlin and to come back her sword of Power. Now the Kingdom’s fate is totally dependent on her hands as the Red Paladins Evils are seeking to destroy all of the Fey kind.

Cursed(Season 2): Renewal Status

After one year of waiting, it has been reported back in April 2021 that Cursed is set to be renewed for the second season, but it does not seem to happen as time passed. Assuming that we have to wait for 1-3 months to know the real fate of this show on Netflix, this one really seems to be dead.

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The early indication we have got about the cancellation of the series after finding several props from the series on eBay is a bad indication. On the cancellation of the series, it has been said that Netflix has quietly cancelled the fantasy series that depend on the key character from the King Arthur legend. After the first season that they have learned. All the cast has been released for the other opportunities.

c1 “Cursed(Season 2)”: Netflix has Canceled the Fantasy Series

The ultimate reviews of the show have been mixed with, and it never heard about the way it dis through it statistics released by Netflix. We will inform you that it has spent three to four weeks on Netflix’s top 10s in both UK and the US.

There is also one hope as Katherine Langford has not announced any latest long-term projects.

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El nuevo 'Game of Thrones'? Netflix lanza nuevo trailer de 'Cursed'

Cursed(Season 2): Expectation

There are a lot of questions that are left unanswered by the second season of this series.

Cursed' season 2 on Netflix: Release date, cast, Trailer and everything you  need to know | thirdeyenews

Survival of Nimue

In the opening scene, we have known the fate of Nimue, so it was not quite surprising if Iris dealt Nimue. It would never be the ending of Nimue at any cost. It is expected that in the second season, we will transition to her role as the fabled Lady of the Lake. In this, we may also be experienced with the power of Nimue. It is assumed that in the grief of the death of Gawain, Nimue has tapped into the power of The Hidden once again and also spreading a magical shockwave that has been rippled along with the encampment of the Pendragon after grabbing the body of Nimue by Red Paladins, the body of Gawain was magically surrounded by grass and also flowers.


Returning of Merlin’s Power              

I this second season, we may see that spending a couple of decades without magic in his grief and rage on the death of Nimue, Merlin may wield the sword of power for the first time in several years, and as a consequence, he will come back his magical powers.

One thing is still in the fog that Merlin has to wield the sword to awaken his magical powers or not. Merlin also was sworn that he never wield the sword again, so there is also a question that Merlin will be able to be a part of the sword again, or his magical abilities will be lost once more.

cr “Cursed(Season 2)”: Netflix has Canceled the Fantasy Series

Game of Thrones

In this fantasy series, we may also see the fight for the Pendragon crown. We will see Uther Pendragon and Cumber the Ice King are yet to lock the horns but not in the Power of Sword possession. It is true by blood Cumber is the rightful heir, but Uther also has proven himself as capable king of Albeit Whitney. Here is the church and the rebel raider, a faction Red Spear would turn the tide for either the king. In this coming season, we may see Cumber and Uther fighting for the crown.

What's Going On With Cursed Season 2 On Netflix? - CINEMABLEND

Arthur Will be the King or not.

It is the main question that all of the fans have. In this story, Arthur and Morgana have a low birth that indicates no valid claim for the crown. It has never seen that Arthur is ascending to the throne, but Nimue might be influential in making this happen.

After the death of Uther and Cumber, the crown left without a king that would leave the entire kingdom in chaos. Arthur already proves himself to be a worthy leader and also a champion of the people; that is the time while Arthur has ascended.

cr2 “Cursed(Season 2)”: Netflix has Canceled the Fantasy Series

Possession of Excalibur

In this fantasy series, the most famous sword is to wield the Excalibur, the Sword of Power that left the user untold and unparalleled abilities. Besides Nimue, Arthur is the one who can be the wielder of the sword.

The sword did steal by Arthur to start with but since has been redeemed himself. In this, the people who chased the sword are doomed with obsession. The people who have patience and let the sword come to them are the ones having the wisdom to wield it.

Here is the trailer:


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