Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Cool Master launches its new Gaming chair worth $1299

The manufacturer of some of our favourite parts and accessories, Cooler Master, has unveiled a gaming chair with an MSRP of $1299 that incorporates more electronics than is typical for soft furnishings. According to the announcement text, the Synk X chair, which resembles a massive, posterior-supporting subwoofer, transforms “sound waves into vibrations” to offer “real time tactile experiences.”

The haptic seat has a similar appearance to conventional office or gaming chairs, with the exception of a slightly larger-than-normal seating area that houses additional tactile experiences in addition to a two-stage retractable leg rest. A control panel that includes controls for the vibration intensity, headphone volume, and battery status is likewise integrated into the side of the frame beneath the armrest, out of sight but yet conveniently accessible.

Additionally, the chair has an aux-in port that enables wired audio equipment to be linked to it instead of merely Bluetooth or what looks to be the 5.8G system used by wireless guitar hookups. Because of the variety of inputs, the chair is cross-platform, so whether you like to watch TV or listen to music while lounging at your RGB-equipped gaming desk, it will wobble you there just as efficiently as it will when playing Call of Duty or Stardew Valley.

Cool Master
credit: tomshardware

The battery status LEDs draw attention to another potential issue: this chair has to be charged. According to Cooler Master, the battery can last for eight hours of nonstop use, but just four hours if you’re employing the “strong bass effects.” And why wouldn’t you, given that you purchased a pricey chair specifically made to accomplish this? The chair needs to be wheeled to the closest power outlet during the chair’s six-hour charging period. The chair has five roller-tipped legs.

A 300lb (135kg) person can be vibrated at an angle of 135 degrees, according to Cooler Master. Instead of chintz or a stylish taffeta, it is available in black and grey breathable materials and has a steel and wood frame covered in high-density memory foam. Although a definitive (or soft) release date for the Synk X is not yet set, you can sign up for release notifications on the product website.

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