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ChatGPT is increasing people’s earnings and enhancing their job performance

ChatGPT has the ability to accelerate specific tasks performed by experts, instruct you on how to stack eggs, and even communicate with your boss without their awareness. Since its launch in November, many office workers have been pondering whether ChatGPT will replace their jobs.

In the meantime, some individuals have been experimenting with leveraging its capabilities to gain an advantage. Insider interviewed four individuals who shared how they used ChatGPT to enhance their job performance and increase their earnings.


A recruiter saves 10 hours per week by having ChatGPT generate lists of schools and institutions to target:

Jasmine Cheng, a former Amazon recruiter who now runs her own engineering and healthcare recruiting firm, used ChatGPT to compile a list of companies based on criteria such as industry, employee count, and location. This list was then utilized in a complex keyword-based search strategy known as a Boolean search string. Prior to using ChatGPT, Jasmine spent around 15 hours weekly manually creating these lists. With ChatGPT’s assistance, she now spends only about five hours per week on this task.

A broker utilizes ChatGPT to draft initial versions of luxury real estate listings in New York:

Randy Baruh, a luxury real estate broker in New York City, found writing property listings to be a time-consuming chore. Each listing needed to highlight the property’s features, amenities, location, and proximity to attractions in order to attract potential buyers.

Baruh’s team employed ChatGPT to compose a listing, and although it required some review to correct errors and eliminate repetition, the search engine optimization provided by ChatGPT helped reach a larger audience. The property quickly sold for 10% above the listing price. Baruh now considers ChatGPT his go-to resource, as it offers fresh perspectives on descriptions and significantly streamlines the writing process, allowing more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

image 601 ChatGPT is increasing people's earnings and enhancing their job performance

An entrepreneur leverages ChatGPT to develop a Chrome extension that he sold for thousands:

Ihor Stefurak, with no prior programming experience, aimed to create an invisible AI assistant for Chrome. This assistant would respond to user prompts in any website text area. Stefurak used ChatGPT to assist with coding and referred to it as his “chief technology officer.” By utilizing the paid version, he prompted ChatGPT to generate the necessary code for an extension that monitored website input boxes.

In order to implement his proposal, he ultimately created 3 JavaScript files, an HTML page, and a Manifest JSON file. After allowing preorders, he received $1,000 worth of orders within 24 hours and sold the extension for thousands within three weeks. Despite acknowledging that a human developer could have built it faster and better, Stefurak emphasized his achievement as a non-developer utilizing ChatGPT.

image 602 ChatGPT is increasing people's earnings and enhancing their job performance

A CMO describes the paid version of ChatGPT as having a 24/7 assistant:

Teresha Aird, co-founder, and chief marketing officer of, a nationwide office-space brokerage, struggled to maintain a work-life balance while being a mother of two. The paid version of ChatGPT proved beneficial for quickly addressing low-stakes inquiries that previously required accessing work databases or conducting research. When away from the office, Aird could input client or tenant questions and receive satisfactory answers, allowing her to respond in a contextually appropriate manner. This enabled her to have more time for her children’s extracurricular activities and assist them with homework.


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