CES 2021: Zepp is showcasing some new products to its consumers worldwide at CES 2021

Join Zepp at the All-Digital CES 2021

Zepp, a professional brand focused on digital health management made its debut about four months ago, August 2020. So, it is for the first time the company is exhibiting at CES 2021, showcasing its future ambitious vision and some latest editions of its smartwatch series: Zepp Z. It is a flagship model from Zepp and apart from it, there are Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle. Zepp has already extended its business in more than 20 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Other than this, Zepp products are also available from the Zepp website and Amazon. This company basically works on human-centered technology for self-improvement along with the Internet of Things, the power of AI algorithmic systems which are well capable to develop powerful hardware, software, and data analysis capabilities. Lastly, it also helps people to monitor their health and daily exercises for good health and well being.

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Last year’s COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s lifestyle in multiple aspects, which one main aspect of sleep. Studies are saying that frequent lockdowns, daily stress during the COVID-19 days were changing people’s sleeping patterns. The World Sleep Society also added that people were losing sleep and lived a lot of sleepless nights due to pandemic-induced worries. So, to improve people’s sleeping Quality, Zepp co-released the Global Sleep Study, with the World Sleep Society in November 2020. Since then, Zepp has launched a lot of its products that can track the users’ sleep and embark on a journey towards healthier sleep. Modern medical science says that listening to calming music can help with sleep. Keeping this in mind, Zepp users now can choose an option to create a personalized lullaby for enhanced sleep.

Screenshot 2021 01 13 113333 CES 2021: Zepp is showcasing some new products to its consumers worldwide at CES 2021

Apart from sleeping tracking, Zepp has come a long way in terms of people’s physical and mental well-being and happiness. In December 2020, Zepp launch its first web film based on reality, ‘Measurements of Attraction’, showing that future wearables may able to search for true love, by detecting true feelings, and changing heart rates, even when dating virtually. So, in the upcoming time, we can get a smartwatch which we can wear to search for our true love, sounds interesting and romantic as well, isn’t it?

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To fulfill all the purposes, Zepp has launched the Zepp E and Zepp Z smartwatches along with the Zepp app. It is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android operating systems, used mainly for digital health management. Both wearables are blessed with the power of AI and cutting-edge technology to convert vital health statistics into actionable insights. This will help its users to monitor their physical and mental well-being effectively. Also, the Zepp E watches feature sleep monitoring and blood-oxygen saturation (SpO₂) measurement. As per its design and build quality, it features an ultra-slim metal body along with a pure black 3D glass display. To provide you the maximum efficiency, the Zeepp Z’s products are powered by 15days of battery life.

To find out more, visit https://www.zepp.com


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