Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Top 5 play-to-earn Esports startups to follow in 2023

Skill gaming needs a definite level of physical and mental capabilities & is not based on luck. They are Play-to-Play online games including fantasy sports, casual games and card games. Over the...

Y-Combinator-backed Writesonic launches ChatSonic, a super-powerful ChatGPT Delhi boy’s Innovation Creates Ripples Worldwide

Writesonic is a startup powered by the world's best Startup accelerator Y-Combinator US- S21, headquartered in Delaware, US. Raised 2.6M$ in Sept 2021 in a seed round led by Soma Capital, US and...

SocialBoat – a fitness app for women, raises funds from Plan B Capital, Abhijit Kane, and angels to provide affordable fitness to 100M women...

SocialBoat, a women's health app, has announced raising an angel round of US$ 200K from Plan B Capital. Other angel investors who have committed to the venture include Abhijit Kane (Co-founder, Postman),...

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