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Carter: The new Action-Packed Adventure Drama will feature Joo Won 

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for the high-octane Korean action-drama film, Carter. All the action scenes give goosebumps to the audience, the new trailer is one that surely will provide an adrenaline rush in your brain. The K-Drama action adaptations are fast-paced having a unique sense. 

The movie will follow the agent, who has awakened two months after the deadly pandemic that already had ravaged the US and Korea. The official trailer starts with a cross on the backside of the head of a man who has kept the front side of his face into the pillow. As he awakened, he just forgot all the things even his identity, who he is. Suddenly, the voice of a woman comes into the air seems she likes to remember him who he is by saying, “Your name is Carter”.


The film has focused on the virus still affecting this mayhem that belongs to originates from such a demilitarized zone within North and South Korea. As soon as he just comes out of the room, and as he walks along the path, the woman’s voice has informed him that a device has just been implanted in his ear, and Carter is the only one who is able to hear her.  

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He has already informed us that The CIA is all over the place. He has a gun in his hand, but he has already surrounded by the operatives aiming guns at him. The heart-warming action has been started between Carter and the CIA agents. The woman’s voice has said to listen to her if he wants to live. Carter just asked, “Who are you?” Carter has appointed a mission to find Jung Ha-na and to bring her to North Korea. After that, the trailer reveals a mutated virus has spread over eight-and-a-half million infected. We have seen Carter break a lock by shooting through a pistol, and take a child. The child asked, “I’m the vaccine, right?”, a human vaccine.  

image 387 Carter: The new Action-Packed Adventure Drama will feature Joo Won 

While the CIA agent comes with a squad and waits with a gun in their hands by aiming the door, carter throws a smoke bomb, and they can flee from the room. He said the child to hold on tight. Carter climbed down to throw a pipe and walking through the road, a biker come and pick the child up. Carter also arranges a bike and chases them, just think of a man with no memory doing fantastic action along with all of the bikers. The trailer shows some fantastic action scenes between Carter and the agents.

Carter is just desperate to complete his mission at any cost for that he just doing incredible actions. The audience will be able to see action, on the moving car, the sky, and also the half-broken bridge. The nonstop action will be continued in the helicopter, and the trailer ends with two helicopters while one is dodging the other. 

image 386 Carter: The new Action-Packed Adventure Drama will feature Joo Won 

Carter: Cast 

The movie will feature Joo Wones the protagonist. In this film, we will also see Lee Sung-Jae, Jeong So-ri, and Kim Bo-min. The director of the film is Jung Byung-hill. It’s true since last year Netflix already put in many efforts to make Korean content, the big example is ‘Squid Game’. 

Carter: Release Date 

Netflix has confirmed that the film will be available on Netflix on the 5th of August 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

A big thanks for the source. 

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