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Never-Before-Seen Cancelled CoD Game Footage Leaked: What You Need To Know

Recently a video featuring cancelled CoD game footage has been surfacing on online platforms. According to this video, the gameplay, environment, and everything shown was supposed to be the CoD game, at least at some point in time.

However, as we all know now that game never launched. So, it’s interesting to see what this video is featuring and whether the cancelled game was worthwhile or not.

Curious about the game, well then don’t worry because you are at the right place. If you want to know more about the cancelled CoD game footage then please give this article a read.

Never-Before-Seen Cancelled CoD Game Footage Leaked: What You Need To Know

Cancelled CoD Game Footage

Recently a video has been trending and shared promptly featuring a modern CoD warfare that never materialized. In the video, we see a cancelled CoD game footage that was going to be launched.

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As seen clearly in the video this cancelled CoD was one of the attempts by the developers to jump into the field of sci-fi and outer space. This footage is from a “Future Warfare” game which was codenamed as NXI and it was posted recently.

Swiftly after that, it was shared across all major platforms and now is a trending topic in the gaming industry. This cancelled CoD game footage was confirmed by a video game industry veteran Brian Bright.

He worked on the game and hence confirmed that NX1 was indeed made after Infinity Ward “imploded”, so we can place it around the year 2010. Further, Neversoft well known for its Tony Hawk games was working on this game after turning from the Guitar Hero series.

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36RDspnW Never-Before-Seen Cancelled CoD Game Footage Leaked: What You Need To Know

As Brian further said, the aim was to develop a “futuristic Call of Duty game”. Talking about the gameplay, cancelled CoD game footage shows a glimpse of it. As shown in the video, the game was based on a mission to the Moon and other sci-fi stuff.

Again Brian helped to elaborate on the cancelled CoD game footage and said that for the game they were experimenting with low g and were making GH games on their THPS engine earlier. He was also the multiplayer lead on Call of Duty Future Warfare.

Brain further stated that the Future Warfare games were supposed to be “in the place of” Call of Duty: Ghosts. This was released in the year 2013 by Infinity Ward. According to him, the game made much progress and there were maps, unmanned ground vehicles, and other futuristic weapons. However, the game couldn’t see the dawn and was cancelled eventually.

Apart from cancelled CoD game footage, there is a leak on the work – in progress too. From this footage, it is clear that they belong to the game which is under development and not ready to launch.


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