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Cabinet of Curiosities (Season 1- Episode 3): Everything We Know About the Ending of the Series 

The people who are still in confusion about the ending of the first season’s third episode of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities‘ may get a complete preview of this. The Autopsy is mainly the third episode of Guillermo Del Toto’s Cabinet of Curiosities and had been directed by David Prior.

The writer was David S. Goyer, and Guillermo del Toro that’s revolved around the short tale but Michael Shea. There is a seasoned sheriff in the investigation of a dead body in the woods and getting calls on an old pal, a medical examiner arrives to help piece together a series of such chilling events. 

Cabinet of Curiosities (Season 1- Episode 3): About the Autopsy 

Sheriff Nate comes for the investigation of the disappearances and getting murdered of some local townsfolk that allow him into the path of Joe Allen who has formerly reached by the name Eddie Sykes. After taking a such strange orb-like object that belongs to Sykes’s room, Sheriff Nate proceeded to the mine in order the confrontation them and arrest him. Sykes has smashed his way into the window of the police car and just taken back his mysterious orb. 

From the earlier episode moments while ‘Joe’ had jumped onto the top of the mine had an elevator and got used to the orb for blowing up such inside of the mine. We are now getting to know that he had run away from being arrested. 


On cutting Carl’s autopsy of the dead miners, there are two of such miners died along with Sykes who had also become drained of all their blood like the previous victims.  Like the autopsy on Sykes, his body got reanimated that made its way to Carl. 

Now, the body of Sykes had been possessed by the larvae of such an Alien creature revealing that the mysterious orb had that fact with its spaceship. For staying undiscovered, the Alien had been forced to destroy the spaceship and also attempted to kill itself. 

The Alien had been forced to utilize a lot of its energy for making Carl unconscious, and get strapped down to the table. Now, the thing unveils Carl’s intentions for taking over his body, removing his cancer, also use Carl’s profession like a coroner for easy access to food. 

Just before the body transformation, the Alien unveiled its cruel side. Before mine, and feasting on the bodies of such other two miners, it had used half of the energy needed to stay alive to keep them alive with the purpose of communicating with them and letting them know how and the reason they were being consumed. Even the mind of Eddie Sykes was still very active, but unable to get back control from the parasite. 

At the time of transformation, Carl just realized that the creature needed its human host to gain such senses.  Before the host, the Alie loses all of its senses except for the touch. 

Carl just arrives with sad understanding following the only way to stop the Alien has set to make himself with such an unsuitable host. By taking advantage of the limited mobility, and a small window of time, Carl utilizes a scalpel to destroy his gearing and sight and slices his own throat. 

As the Alien starts taking control of Carl’s body, he starts to mock the parasite that exposing that he has sabotaged the body, and would be dead within the minutes, trapping the Alien inside. Carl also exposed that he has recorded the conversation the whole time which would expose the existence of the Alien to the world. 

Nate reached Carl’s left as dead and based on finding his friend on the floor, a message already written with blood had been left on his chest “PLAY TAPE, BURN ME”.  We have so long as Sheriff Nate follows those instructions, the Alien will be finished for the good with the species who have been exposed to the world. 

c4 1 Cabinet of Curiosities (Season 1- Episode 3): Everything We Know About the Ending of the Series 

Cabinet of Curiosities (Season 1- Episode 3): The Destroyer of the Civilization 

With the conversation with Carel, the Alien exposed that some of the hosts had taken over and led to the destruction of the civilizations. Empires also have risen and fallen over the course of the history of humans. There is a question with the civilizations had the Alien species been destroyers over the years? 

In this, we have several monarchs and world leaders over the centuries that was begun reasonably normal with their youth. In later years would become vicious tyrants, poor leaders, deviants, or outright murderous. 

Things, it’s known in his youth, British monarch Henry VIII suffered such traumatic head injuries via sporting events that may have led to his tyrannical reputation. We are assuming, whether such an Alien parasite found its way into the body of one of Europe’s most powerful rulers or not. 

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