Thursday, February 2, 2023

Brazil confiscates sales of iPhones as Apple doesn’t comply with the charging requirement

After coming to the conclusion that Apple harms consumers by not including the power adapter when customers purchase the device, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice imposed a suspension on iPhone sales in the nation a few months ago.

The business is continuously disobeying the decree after having been fined $1,000,000 for its actions. As a result of Apple’s failure to comply with the regulations, the Federal District’s consumer protection regulator has now confiscated iPhones from retailers and outlets.

iPhones confiscating details

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According to a Technoblog report, Procon-DF has taken hundreds of Apple iPhones from a variety of Brasilia, Brazil, retail locations. It also stated that the regulator’s “Operation Discharge” would compel Apple to adhere to the regional regulation that mandates that smartphones be delivered with a charger in the box.


Additionally, the regulator is said to be seizing devices from carrier stores and authorised Apple retailers. The Ministry of Justice has decided to forbid Apple from selling iPhones in Brazil without chargers included. It is only seizing the devices that don’t have chargers in the box.

If you weren’t aware, Apple stopped including a charger in the box with the iPhone 12 series, but the company also updated the retail box for the iPhone 11 series to no longer include one.

Apple Brazil asked the government to permit smartphone sales in the nation until the final decision was made because the company had appealed after the devices were seized.

Even though the business claims to be certain of winning the legal dispute, its behaviour suggests otherwise. The recently released Apple TV 4K ships with a USB-C charger, but the company doesn’t explain why.

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