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boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?

Is this budget boAt Stone 250 speaker a good choice?

boAt is a big name now in India thanks to its insane marketing and a plethora of products that sometimes become hard to remember. However, not only in 2014 started brand is one of the largest globally and also the leader in India when it comes to the TWS market which exploded late.

The brand has been making portable speakers for years now and Bluetooth speakers have been their strong USP, however, most of them are rebadged Chinese products. However, with aggressive pricing, and impressive design, boAt somehow gets away with it and after Aman Gupta‘s Shark Tank entry, the company has got massive marketing for free.

Acting as just another budget audio brand, this new boAt Stone 250 5W Bluetooth speaker has been priced aggressively priced at ₹999. Not targeted towards premium consumers, but towards general go-to Indians who just need an affordable product, let’s see how good this speaker is and worth buying it or not.

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boAt Stone 250 Specifications

  • Power- Get ready to be enthralled by the 5W RMS sound on the Stone 250 portable wireless speaker.
  • RGB- It dons RGB LEDs, meaning you can uplift the overall vibe during all your playback sessions. Charging Time 1.5-2 hours
  • IP Rating- The IPX7 marked water and splash-resistant build lets you carry your sound wherever travel without any worry.
  • Playback- The speaker offers up to a total of 8 hours of playtime per single charge via Type C interface at 60% volume level (non-LEDs Mode)
  • Modes- You can enjoy the playback via multiple connectivity modes namely Bluetooth v5.0, TF Card and AUX
  • Controls- The integrated controls help you command playback and volume levels with utmost ease
  • Lightweight- This wireless speaker has been built keeping in mind the ease of portability, hence the lightweight build.

In the Box

  • Stone 250
  • Charging Cable
  • Aux Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?

Design & Build Quality

Considering the price, this boAt Stone 250 speaker is made up of plastic obviously but doesn’t feel cheap either, weighs only 150 grams, very much portable. The popping colors make it look funky and cool, and then you have this RGB inside the speaker grill which adds a unique prospect.

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The good thing is the speaker is also IPX7 water and dust resistant, which makes it easy to take anywhere outdoors and as it’s portable, looks cool with the RGB honestly and in this regard, I have no complaints whatsoever.

boAt Stone 250

Sound Quality

Previously, when boAt wasn’t this big back in 2016, I remember I bought the boAt rugby speaker that I used for almost 3 years and from then I loved boAt products. However, in the last few years in the price war between other Indian brands, boAt somehow lost that premiumness and the biggest problem with them still lie in having a huge product lineup.

This makes choosing the right product very confusing and when it comes to this boAt Stone 250 speaker too it was not a choice that I took easily. Thanks to the large audio market in India, choosing one product over others is always difficult but I considered this boAt speaker to test how the brand has been doing because the last time I used their speaker was back in 2020.

boat7 scaled e1679812047151 boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?

Sometimes referred to as the “saasta JBL” the sound quality of boAt speakers has always been good, not out-of-the-box but decent, it has that thump, and bass which Indians love. Even this tiny 5W speaker does give that bass that most of us Indian love and surprisingly, even the mid-tones or high-tones are smooth, there’s not much distortion.

From playing Bollywood music to listening to pop songs, or carrying outdoors for small home parties or for casual movie sessions, this boAt Stone 250 speaker didn’t fail me in any of such scenarios. While still boAt has no app to tune these speakers, the default audio was okay-ish, nothing extraordinary but comfortable, loud and satisfying for most.


Coming to buttons and connectivity, there are four buttons on the top that has a good design – power, volume +/- and RGB on/off button. So, even a newbie can understand the simple button placement and their usage easily, and then you have USB Type-C for charging and a 3.5mm audio jack.

For a speaker at ₹999, you cannot ask for more and it’s practically viable enough, this boAt Stone 250 speaker also comes with Bluetooth v5.0 and you can connect to up to two devices simultaneously. Connecting the speaker using Bluetooth has always been very straightforward with these boAt products and the same is the case with this one as well.

boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?

Battery Life and Charging

Again, for a portable Bluetooth speaker like this boAt Stone 250, battery life plays a huge role and while they advertise this to last up to 8 hours but this is totally the opposite. In real life, this speaker lasts 4 hours on average with 80% volume and sometimes be stretched to 5 hours.

However, as soon as you turn the RGB on, the battery drains out faster than usual you have the USB Type-C port but charging speeds are very slow, and might take up to 2 hours, another downside of this speaker.


Now comes the important question, should you buy this boAt Stone 250 speaker even if its price is as low as ₹999? Well, depends, personally, for casual to not-to-high-expectation needs, this portable, small, cute speaker, this one does a great job but you cannot ask out-of-the-box things from it obviously.

boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?

Targeted towards the budget segment, I like the fact boAt is again giving 1 year of warranty but it’s very hard to predict the quality or extensiveness of these speakers honestly. For me, the last boAt speaker I used lasted me for 3 years for some it has lasted for few months only, so, my suggestion for you guys who want to buy this boAt Stone 250 will be, to buy it only if ₹999 doesn’t hurt your pocket much.

This is because, at the end of the day, these are still Chinese-made rebadged products and so for some consumers, it can last for years but for the other half, even if your money goes to waste you shouldn’t have any hard feelings. Even in 2023, these speakers have filled the Indian market which has good value for money but is just another gamble.

Buy this boAt Stone 250 speaker from Amazon India: https://amzn.to/3KaEwxy


Design & Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life and Charging


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Is this budget boAt Stone 250 speaker a good choice? boAt is a big name now in India thanks to its insane marketing and a plethora of products that sometimes become hard to remember. However, not only in 2014 started brand is one of the...boAt Stone 250 speaker review: A good choice for ₹999?