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Blockbuster: The Comedy Show Has Canceled the Renewal of the Second Season 

Netflix’s latest comedy show ‘Blockbuster’ maintains the consistency of making a permanent place in the heart of the viewers. As a result, Netflix planned for a blockbuster second season but due to the poor reviews and very little viewership, the series has canceled its renewal for the second season. Vanessa Ramos is the creator of the show. This person is also one of the main reasons for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore. The latest workplace comedy features Randall Park, Melisa Fumero, Olga Merediz, and Tyler Alvarez. 

The series premiered on Netflix on 3rd December 2022 having 10 episodes and mixed reviews. The series has got a 5.1 IMDb rating, and 23% on Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings has given the recommendation in a Tweet to the Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph. 


Blockbuster: Renewed or Canceled? 

Recently, Deadline confirmed that the series got canceled after a month and a half. This is really very shocking to us, the main reason is Netflix uses several factors to take a decision about the renewal, it depends on an important number of sizes of people going to end the series. This is not the only unlucky show, in this queue, you will get many popular shows like Hard Cell, God’s Favorite Idiot, The Pentaverate, and JT Go Deep is still waiting for renewal. Pretty Smart has been canceled officially. 

Vanessa Ramos said in an interview that he wished to continue more episodes and that she was even planning on raking a trip out to the last Blockbuster store in Bend should they get renewed. 

Ramos told to DigitalSpy shortly just after the debut that they’re mainly “Waiting to hear back from Netflix”, and added that she doesn’t feel any such excitement about anything anymore. 

Blockbuster: Netflix Performance 

According to all the available metrics, Blockbuster is not the top performer on Netflix. The series is still waiting to feature in the official Netflix top 10 site by missing the title in Blockbuster’s first week. It indicates that the new series got views less than 20.30M global hours in the first week. 

The data from FlixPatrol confirms that the show featured in the Netflix top 10s in 13 of the 90 total countries that they have tracked. The show ranks in the top 10s only for eight days on Netflix Canada but less in other regions. 

After launching on 3rd November, the series left the Netflix top 10s globally in just 7 days on the 11th in the US the performance should be very high, but the titled rank number 8 in the Netflix top 10 data and lost after 6 days. 

blk1 Blockbuster: The Comedy Show Has Canceled the Renewal of the Second Season 

RelevisionStats.com has stated that the series peaked on 4th November while looking at the day from the favor of Google, Wikipedia, Torrents, and in IMdb. On 10th November the series become the 13th most popular series title.  

British SVOD analytic company claims completion data was not too strong. 

Blockbuster: Expectation 

Episode 10 concludes as a holiday special, with the entire team starting the episodes by organizing the store. Disaster strikes, however, with the customers ransacking the tore and Timmy on the verge of giving up. 

The series ends with Hannah focusing on the video of Aaron’s failed proposal and finding that Eliza may have feelings for Timmy. 

blk2 Blockbuster: The Comedy Show Has Canceled the Renewal of the Second Season 

While talking to Slash Film on the “bittersweet” finale, Vanessa Ramos said: 

“For the finale, as a room, we were happy with it and we had our fun stuff. Some characters, Connie and Patrice, had their win, which we also considered the other love story of the show. I don’t know that it came across after editing, but the Patrice character, her whole deal is her nail salon is Paris-themed, but she’s only been to the Paris Hotel in Vegas. So, there’s a slot machine. You see it in there on occasion, like, “Why is there a slot machine?” It’s because her reference to Paris is Vegas, and she thinks that’s the same thing.” 

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