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Bitcoin Casino Explained Step-by-Step

An online casino is a sort of website that hosts digital games of chance that can be bet on with real money. It’s a rather established field with hundreds of different games offered by thousands of providers (only counting worthwhile ones). And, in addition to them, there are Bitcoin casino providers.

They’ve been around since 2012 when Bitcoin first dropped. The obvious distinction is that you use crypto for wagers most of the time. But there are other differences, related to finances, security & more. Essentially, a crypto casino is a unique type of gambling provider. Let’s go through its modus operandi step-by-step. 


In most of these, you only need a modest amount of information to join the casino. You’ll need to create an account, but the verification process is usually not a thing here. Generally speaking, you’ll only need to submit these:

  1. Your email;
  2. Your password;
  3. Your country

There can be other options, such as the preferred fiat currency. These are needed for hybrid casinos, which basically allow bets in fiat and crypto money. Usually, you don’t need to share any other information. In this regard, it’s much better to use crypto casinos, and sometimes you won’t even have to use crypto.

Making a Deposit

To make a deposit, you usually need to use a crypto wallet. Depending on the blockchain that the casino uses, you’ll typically either need a Bitcoin wallet or an Ethereum wallet. By ‘wallet’, they mean a link to a depositary where you store your coins. You can have both wallets within the same app, so it’s not a big deal.

The cryptocurrencies often supported by these casinos include:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dogecoin (sometimes)

The crypto deposits are typically fast and free. On a blockchain, the transfers are always instant or near-instant. While a usual casino can be slow at times, delays are not a thing with crypto gambling. Once the order is through, the cash will flow between the blocks with lightning speed.

Available Games

Bitcoin poker is a typical game. It’s very similar to the usual online poker, where you play alone or with other players, except you bet in crypto. The combinations are all the same, and there are few differences in these games between the providers. You can’t really change poker all that much.

Bitcoin dice is more of a game of chance. It’s exceedingly popular in crypto casinos, due to its simplicity and high stakes. You essentially predict where the dice roll will be higher or lower than some number you picked. If you win, you get more money. If you lose, you lose your entire bet. It’s that simple.

Bitcoin slots are a wider genre that has many varieties. Rules and combinations vary, but it usually shows you 3 to 5 slots with different pictures on them. Rolling the machine will result in a combination of pictures that may or may not win you something. It’s a flexible game with a higher chance of winning than in most of these.

Why play BTC casino?

Crypto casinos typically offer an anonymous, safe gambling experience with low commissions. It can vary from provider to provider, of course, but the basic principles are set in stone thanks to the properties of the blockchain. Everything you read here is true, but there will very likely be other qualities. 

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