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BGMI: All the Latest Updates, Tips, and Tricks; Know how to play BGMI like a Pro (April 22)

BGMI, or Battleground Mobile India, is one of the most played mobile phone games. Here we will talk about how to play BGMI like a pro. After getting huge success, PUBG was banned in India, and after that, early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India was dropped on the game just before releasing the vision.

It has been stored and is available with the final release. Players become able to download it from the Play Store and use the APK and OBB for the game.

BGMI was banned in July this year. Will the battle royale make a comeback this year BGMI: All the Latest Updates, Tips, and Tricks; Know how to play BGMI like a Pro (April 22)

BGMI: Access

In terms of gameplay, Battlegrounds Mobile India is quite similar to PUBG Mobile’s global version, but there is an important difference in the way the game has been established. The game is set up like a virtual training course. The exact score is displayed to the players when they start the game.

In an early press release, Krafton declared that the Indian version of the game would also feature a green hit effect in comparison with the red one. The players will have the option to change the effect colors to different shades of green.

BGMI gets 7 game modes from PUBG Mobile: availability dates, start and end  time, key features and more - Pricebaba.com Daily

BGMI: Modes

The following game modes are available in Battlegrounds Mobile India: :

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  • Erangle
  • Livik
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Karakin
  • Vikendi


  • Quick March
  • War
  • Sniper Training


  • Payload 2.0


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Arena Training
  • Gun Game
  • Domination
  • Assault
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): How to Transfer PUBG Mobile Game Data to  BGMI via Facebook, Twitter, Google - MySmartPrice

BGMI: Account Transfer

The PUBG mobile influencers and gamers are provided with an opportunity to migrate or substitute their older data to the particular Indian version, where all of their existing items containing game currency, cosmetics, and more will be transferred.

BGMI: How to play BGMI like a ProTricks & Tips

BGMI Banned: Everything you need to know about why it was banned and the official statement From Krafton India
credits – play.google.com

5. Measure weapon ranges for several weapons

It is a pretty good tactic that you can use sniper rifles for such long-range. Auto files for mid-range shotguns to battle on short-range. The load-out should have weapons ranges that have been designed for several ranges.

If you want to carry an auto rifle, then you should definitely pair it with any sniper rifle, as it will cover both long and short ranges. You also have to understand at what range you are able to fight comfortably. if you are chasing an auto rifle and shotgun, then you should avoid the enemy engaging with a sniper rifle.

BGMI Arena Guide: Understanding TDM in BGMI - TechBurner

4. Learning to cover better

We would like to suggest that if you are pushing an enemy with your squad or solo, you should always try to move from cover to cover. The shelter you can use to peek shots also allows you to deal with damage at will and take less damage.

The players should try to find head-glitch spots on the map behind boxes or other structures from where they will be able to hide and stand up during the shoot; this increases the chance of winning the gunfights.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tips and tricks to make you an ace player  | 91mobiles.com

3. Be aware of your positioning

Positioning is also an important point for winning gunfights in BGMI, as it can make or break a gunfight. You always should get engaged from where you have such an easy way. If you are positioned in an open field trading shots with an enemy squad, you have such high chances of losing as you have been exposed completely to your enemies.

There is always another squad waiting for you and your enemy to finish duelling so they can get such easy combat, so you always take gunfights from cover and find an escape route in mind if the enemy side is heavy.

M𝐑. X Pπ‘πŽ Gπ€πŒπˆππ† 2.0 | PUBG LITE AWM HEADSHOT πŸ”₯πŸ’― | BGMI AWM  HEADSHOT STATUS πŸ’―πŸ˜± #shorts #bgmi #pubg - Earlysuccess - Success,  Motivation, Love & Business Blog

2. Direct Face-off while having higher chances of winning

In a game like BGMI, survival is definitely a higher priority. You cannot conquer the match if you lose your life during a bad push. Always be aware of your health and weapons collection, and make sure your teammates also have the same.

When you are winning intense gunfights and there are only two to three people left in a small circle you should heal up your life full of drinks and health kits and then move for engagement. If you do not have enough items to heal, then prioritise bandages, medical kits, and first aid kits.

All Battlegrounds Mobile India Maps, Features & Hot Drops [Confirmed]

1. Study the Whole map and Raise Awareness

It is the first thing that anyone, whether a pro or a beginner, should do. The player should identify less crowded locations to drop, high conflict zones, and spots of great positioning.

After you become aware of all the limitations of the map, you can build up strategies to move around the map in a sideways manner and establish them during the intense gun battle. It is definitely better to move with one objective than aimless movements.

BGMI: 1.9 Update

Krafton, the developer of the game, officially released Battlegrounds Mobile India’s latest 1.9 update. This update is Battgrounds’ fifth major update with many new features. The latest update chills with excitement as you can battle against adversaries when going along the most thrilling zones. The size of the update will be 351 MB.

After upgrading, when you enter the game, you will be awarded many surprising goodies, including costumes, weapon skins, parachutes, and other withered surprises. The benefits you will get for so long. As you can play and keep upgrading, this latest update is easy to come in on March 19, 2022. The BGMI will come with a 1.10 update in May 2022.

BGMI 1.9 update Pre-Patch leaks! Check out the expected features | Gaming  News

BGMI: 1.9 Update Features

  • Players can play on Wind castles and surf on show in the latest Winter mode and lobby.
  • Graphics, animations, and icon designs are expected to be modified.
  • A  safe anti-cheat update was released.
  • Vikendi 2.0 comes with a more refined map structure.
  • Updates Versions
  • Updates Companion
  • The bronze to platinum, teams of any rank
  •  Single in the diamond tiers and above may form such alliances.

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  1. <strong><em>Has BGMI returned?</em></strong>


  2. <strong>Is BGMI an esport?</strong>

    Yes, BGMI has a thriving esports scene with tournaments, leagues, and championships organized at regional and international levels. Professional players and teams compete for prizes and recognition in BGMI esports events.

  3. <strong>Is it possible to play BGMI competitively?</strong>

    Yes, BGMI has a thriving competitive scene with tournaments, leagues, and esports organizations hosting events regularly. Players interested in playing competitively can join teams, participate in tournaments, and hone their skills to compete at a high level.

  4. <strong>Is BGMI regularly updated with new content?</strong>

    Yes, Krafton regularly updates BGMI with new features, game modes, maps, weapons, cosmetic items, and optimization improvements to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for players.

  5. <strong>Where can I find updates and news about BGMI?</strong>

    Players can find updates and news about BGMI on its official website, social media channels, forums, gaming communities, and through in-game announcements. Additionally, gaming news websites and YouTube channels often cover updates and events related to BGMI.

  6. <strong>What are some advanced strategies for winning in BGMI?</strong>

    Advanced strategies for winning in BGMI include mastering advanced movement techniques like jump-shooting and drop-shotting, using cover effectively, rotating strategically, managing inventory efficiently, and communicating effectively with your squad.

  7. <strong>What are some common mistakes to avoid in BGMI?</strong>

    Common mistakes to avoid in BGMI include exposing yourself unnecessarily, rushing into fights without proper equipment, neglecting to heal or revive teammates, and failing to manage your inventory efficiently.

  8. <strong>Is BGMI different from PUBG Mobile?</strong>

    While BGMI is fundamentally similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay and mechanics, it includes some changes to meet specific legal and cultural preferences in India, such as green blood effects and fully clothed characters.


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