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Best Android Apps of 2018


In the huge Android app market, you will hardly get a daily life task which related app is not available. Every day a huge number of apps are coming to fulfill our needs. I know there are many apps which do absolutely nothing like the app “Nothing“. Exceptions are everywhere, in every topic right?

As Google every year do, they released the names of the best apps in different fields and the best one is selected in a different way.



Best Daily Helper:


Otter Voice Notes -> As per the name, it does absolutely that. You can note down your needs using your voice. This app recognizes your words and puts a written format with the voice. In the free version, the allows 600 minutes of voice notes to store per month. On the last day of a month, the limit will update automatically. There are many more features in it. The drawback of it is, it only works with the English Language.



There are some other apps in this list like Asana: Organize Team Projects, Recipe Book Recipes & Shopping List etc.



Best Self-Improvement:


Home Workout – No Equipment -> In our busy day to day life managing time for Gym is quite tough. This kind of apps is the Solution of it. Home Workout comes with Training Plans, Coach Tips, Interesting Challenges to gear you up, Levels to motivate you and many more. It also provides Graphical Charts based on your activity.


Home workout- no



Another option in this category among the Best list is 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.





Self Improvement means not only the Health improvements but Knowledge part is also there. From this sub-list better among the all are Drops and Mimo. Using these two you can learn around 31 Languages and Many programming languages respectively. Except for the programming languages, you can learn to make apps, games, websites, and the most interesting part – Ethical Hacking.



User’s Choice App of the Year:


Google made a survey to collect our interests and needs; and the most favorite app of us among their options. As per the result Winner is Google Pay.


googleMAKEOVER of Google Tez: Google


Google’s fund transferring app Tez appears as Google Pay some months before. This app becomes the most reliable, handy app for common peoples in the case of Money Transfer scenes its launching time. It provides many offers, scratch cards for bill payment, normal fund transfers, ticket booking etc.

> Now times for the Best among The Best…


Best among The BEST:


Among the upper mentioned apps the Best one is Drops: Learn 31 new languages.

With the help of Drops, you can learn 31 Languages including English, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc.



They claim, they take “Boring” word out in the case of Language Learning.


So, that’s all. Stay with us for more updates. ~ Stay Updated 🤘

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Anupam Modak
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.


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