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Badass Ravi Kumar: Himesh Reshammiya is looking Badass in the new teaser

Himesh Reshammiya depicts the first look teaser of the upcoming film Badass Ravi Kumar. In this film, he is playing the role of a titular hero. However, it was received with mixed reactions on Reddit and some reactions were as hilarious as his lines in the film. 

Himesh Reshammiya in a still from Badass Ravi Kumar. The famous singer Himesh Reshammiya is once again going to embrace his acting chops on screen. In The Xpose, Himesh played a cop-turned-superstar named Ravi Kumar, who investigates a murder mystery. The film also starred Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut with Irrfan Khan and Honey Singh in special roles.

He announced his next film titled Badass Ravi Kumar features him striking a pose while standing on the bonnet of a car with a gun in his hand. The title declaration teaser was as long as a film. It was even more dramatic as Himesh goes about mouthing some hilarious lines meant to scare villains, grooving to a new song titled Butterfly Titliyaan in a midriff-revealing outfit.  


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However, while sharing the video on Instagram, Himesh informed that the name of the female lead and the director will be announced soon. He even shared a few scenes from the teaser and invited his fans to make their own reels inspired by the same and send them to him. 

We have seen one of the scenes featured him giving a warning to a villain who indicates bloodshed. Reacting to it, a Reddit user said, “’Tere shareer mein utna khoon nahin hoga, jitna Raki Kumar ek baar mein……..moot deta hai .’ The first sign of prostate or kidney cancer is blood in the urine.” 

Another said, “I low-key liked it for the first minute then it just sh*t all over the place lol. Let’s go Ravi Kumar. I really want this movie to be a huge hit just for the jokes please I’m manifesting.” One more asked, “Last 5 seconds of the trailer appear as if he is preparing to shoot enemies with his spit, sponsored by Vimal paan masala.” A person even asked, “In the current climate which producer is investing money in Himesh’s movies?” Many others claimed it must be his own production, and a comment even read, “Sab Indian idol ka Paisa Babu bhaiya.” 

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bad6 Badass Ravi Kumar: Himesh Reshammiya is looking Badass in the new teaser

The film is a spin-off based on his character from the 2014 film The Xpose. Badass Ravi Kumar is an action musical entertainer, which will see Himesh reprising his character of Ravi, who this time is pitted against 10 villains. Himesh not just plays the titular role but has also penned the story and composed music for the film. It will be released in 2023. 

He said in a statement, “Fans have always wanted a spin-off from Ravi Kumar’s character. The quirk and eccentricity in Ravi Kumar’s character and his dialogues which have become iconic will have a new twist with us narrating the story of Ravi Kumar in this new huge action entertainer.” The 2014 film was directed by Anant Mahadevan from a script by Himesh. 

Badass Ravi Kumar: Release Date 

Himesh Reshammiya’s upcoming film will hit theatres in 2023. 

Here is the teaser: 

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