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The first auto recycling facility in India is unveiled by Tata Motors

Tata Motors has opened Re.Wi.Re or Recycle with Respect in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the country’s first legally recognized auto-wrecking plant. 15,000 automobiles can be scrapped there annually.

Tata Motors brings the first auto recycling facility

The end-of-life passenger and commercial cars of all brands can be disposed of using it, according to a statement from Tata Motors’ partner Ganganagar Vaahan Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

The first auto recycling facility in India is unveiled by Tata Motors

While introducing the facility, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways said, “The National Automobile Scrappage Policy was implemented with the purpose of promoting the circular economy by developing a system for gradually replacing unsuitable and polluting automobiles with greener and more fuel-efficient ones in order to reduce the nation’s carbon impact. I applaud Tata Motors for building such a high-quality plant that meets all international criteria. More of these cutting-edge scrapping and recycling facilities are required in India since we are aiming to establish it as a vehicle recycling hub for the entire South Asian area.”

In order to safely and sustainably disassemble end-of-life vehicles, Tata Motors claims that the Re.Wi.Re plant will employ cutting-edge, environmentally friendly techniques. The Re.Wi.Re facility is entirely digital and paperless, and it has dedicated stations for the secure dismantling of parts like tires, batteries, gasoline, lubricants, liquids, and gases. Prior to being scrapped, each vehicle is thoroughly documented and disassembled in accordance with the SOP for commercial and passenger vehicles.

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2 1 The first auto recycling facility in India is unveiled by Tata Motors

According to Tata Motors Executive Director Girish Wagh, “We want to maximize the value of the scrap for future use and minimize waste for the benefit of everyone by using recycling procedures that are globally benchmarked and optimized.

We are grateful for Shri Gadkari ji’s innovative efforts in allowing the National Vehicle Scrappage Policy and are eager to establish Re.Wi.Re facilities across the nation in cooperation with our partners. The clients will profit from these decentralized facilities, which will also distribute the economic value created and create jobs while addressing the need to dispose of vehicles in an environmentally appropriate way around the nation.”


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