Thursday, February 9, 2023

Apple’s CEO believes that Android has more malware compared to iOS

Yesterday, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, sat down in a remote interview and talked about his company’s commitment towards its user’s privacy. The CEO also points to some differences between Android and iOS, claiming that Google’s mobile operating system had several times more malware.

The CEO spoke with Brut, claiming that Android OS has a significant amount of malware compared to iOS.

“I mean, you look at malware as an example, and Android has 47x more malware than iOS. Why is that? It’s because we’ve designed iOS in such a way that there’s one App Store and all of the apps are reviewed before going on the store. That keeps a lot of this malware stuff out of our ecosystem. Customers have told us very continuously how much they value that. And so we’re going to be standing up for the user in the discussions and we’ll see where it goes. I’m optimistic, I think most people looking at security know that security is a major risk.”


Cupertino giants macOS allows its users to sideload and install apps on it. however, many argue that this freedom is exactly what has allowed the Mac to have a security problem. Though the malware that can enter the macOS is significantly less compared to the malware on Windows-powered machines, it still stands with the argument that sideloading apps should not be allowed so that phones, laptops, and desktops can tout the highest security possible.

However, many still find sideloading is an easy and hassle-free option. I am one among them. But people also have a habit of downloading apps from non-reputable sources, so it is not a surprise that they become victims of malware. The video of the interview is given below:


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