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Apple Vision Pro in Action: Surgeon Utilizes MR Headset During Surgery in Brazil

One of the newest products from the tech giant Apple Vision Pro has recently become available in the market. As a result, creative users quickly come up with various ways to use the headset. For example, an orthopedic surgeon in Brazil wears glasses Reality during shoulder arthroscopy to treat a patient with a Rotator Cuff. The Brazilian MacMagazine informs on it, referring to a record from the hospital.

Apple Vision Pro

All About Apple Vision Pro Being Used in Surgery

Surgeon Dr. Bruno Gobbato and his team operated on a patient at Jaraguá Hospital, in Brazil. The surgery was to fix the injured tendon in the shoulder. Directly during the operation, the headset was used to examine 3D layouts and search for medical records, such as an MRI and X-ray. The video takeout was on display using the device’s native screen mirroring feature.

image 15 366 jpg Apple Vision Pro in Action: Surgeon Utilizes MR Headset During Surgery in Brazil

According to Dr. Gobbato, ‘‘the shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery with a camera inside the joint, and we do the surgery just seeing at a screen; with the device, we put the screen in a cinema size with high resolution, and we also have the patient’s exams and 3D on real-time’’. He shared a video on YouTube in which he showed how he used the headset device as a reference for the notes and the X-rays and also for the live camera. Dr. Gobbato previously used Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it was not the first time he worked with AR technologies during surgeries.

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image 15 368 jpg Apple Vision Pro in Action: Surgeon Utilizes MR Headset During Surgery in Brazil

Dr. Gobbato further highlighted the impressive camera capabilities of the Vision Pro headset. Unlike traditional cameras, which may struggle to capture clear footage due to bright surgical lights, the Apple headset encountered no such issues. This successful utilization of the Vision Pro in surgery adds to its growing list of applications, which have included assisting in knee and hip surgeries as well as spinal procedures, as noted by a British surgeon. For those interested, the Vision Pro is available starting at $3,499 in the US, with plans for expansion to China and other countries in the near future.


  1. What surgeries has the Apple Vision Pro headset been used in besides shoulder arthroscopy?

    The headset has been employed in knee, hip, and spinal surgeries, showcasing its versatility in various medical procedures.

  2. Where can the Apple Vision Pro headset be purchased and how much does it cost?

    Currently available in the US, the headset starts at $3,499, with plans for availability in other countries such as China.


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