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Apple Set to Unveil iPad Pro 11.1” and 12.9” Models with OLED LTPO Display, Confirms DSCC Report

Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro continues to be some of the best OLED tablet panels available in the market, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants. To be unveiled in less than 10 days from now on May 7th, the new OLED iPad Pro models will feature even more power-efficient LTPO technology as well as the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate. The tandem stack and glass thinning technologies used will enable incredibly slim and light panels that are still very bright and offer excellent battery life and longevity.


Apple iPad Pro 11.1” and 12.9” Models with New Displays

As previously rumored, the report indicates there will be two new iPad Pro models, including a 12.9-inch version and an 11.1-inch device. The iPads will have more uniform bezels around the screen and will be even thinner than the current models. For instance, the 12.9-inch version is expected to be over 1mm thinner than its predecessor.

image 19 25 jpg Apple Set to Unveil iPad Pro 11.1” and 12.9” Models with OLED LTPO Display, Confirms DSCC Report

However, there may be a shortage of the 11.1-inch iPad Pro at launch due to reported light leakage issues affecting this particular model, though the 12.9-inch variant remains unaffected.

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In addition to the cutting-edge OLED displays, the iPad Pro models are rumored to feature Apple’s next-generation AI-optimized M4 chip, promising enhanced performance and efficiency. Additionally, they are predicted to launch with an updated Apple Pencil and a recently refreshed version of the Magic Keyboard. Apple will also launch new 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch LCD iPad Air models.

image 19 27 jpg Apple Set to Unveil iPad Pro 11.1” and 12.9” Models with OLED LTPO Display, Confirms DSCC Report

The official presentation of the refreshed iPads is set to be held at 7 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 7th. This event is genuinely exciting for Apple fans and technology enthusiasts because significant advancements in display technology and capabilities in the tablet market segment are expected to be made. Customers are looking forward to the launch being the first time Apple will show off its imaginative features and improvements for the iPad Pro series in person.


  1. What are the benefits of LTPO OLED displays?

    LTPO technology offers improved power efficiency, leading to better battery life and enhanced performance in devices like the iPad Pro.

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  2. Will the new iPad Pro models support Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard?

    Yes, it’s expected that the new models will continue to support Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard compatibility, providing users with versatile productivity options.


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