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Apple has started designing the TSMC’s 2nm Processor for 2025

Apple has begun designing semiconductors based on TSMC’s 2nm production, according to the most recent information gamma0burst acquired from an Apple employee on LinkedIn. Take note of the fact that Apple’s future aspirations are kept buried rather than explicitly mentioned in the material supplied on LinkedIn.

Apple has started designing the TSMC’s 2nm Processor for 2025 details

On the other hand, the company’s slide contains the words, “TS5nm, TS3nm, working on TS2nm,” which may allude to other fabrication techniques the company has previously worked on. Additionally, it provides information on the company’s upcoming 2nm chips from TSMC.

Apple has started designing the TSMC’s 2nm Processor for 2025

There are rumors that TSMC has already begun developing the more sophisticated 1.4-nanometer devices, which should be released as early as 2027. It’s reported that Apple wants to hold onto TSMC’s first production capacity for both 1.4nm and 1nm technology. A strand of human hair is between 80,000 and 100,000 nm wide, to give you an idea of the nanoscale size.

Apple has started designing the TSMC’s 2nm Processor for 2025

Apple upgraded from 5nm to 3nm CPUs for its Macs and iPhones last year. With the transition to 3nm technology, the iPhone saw improvements in GPU and CPU performance of 20%, 10%, and 2x quicker, respectively, while Mac users saw similar gains.

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Apple has started designing the TSMC’s 2nm Processor for 2025

In addition to 2nm devices, it was earlier reported that the corporation has started developing 1.4nm chips, which should be available in 2027. Apple has also been contacting TSMC to reserve a portion of the chips made on the 1.4nm and 1nm processes. As previously stated, the chip’s efficiency and performance are inversely correlated with its nanometer count. This implies that the business will produce 2nm devices with improved computing and graphics performance and reduced power consumption.

For its iPhones and Macs, Apple is anticipated to utilize 2nm CPUs in 2025. Should the rumours prove credible, the technology may be included in the A19 and M4 chips. With regard to performance benefits, we anticipate a rise of 10 to 15 percent and a decrease in power usage of 25 to 30 percent.


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