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Apple HomePod mini launched at $99, will cost ₹9,900 in India

Finally, after Apple’s long iPhone event, we got the confirmation of the new Apple’s cut-down version of its original HomePod to HomePod mini. Rivals have adopted this strategy like Amazon, Google, and they have seen impressive results.

Pricing this smart home speaker cheaper, Apple wants to make a healthy competition with its Silicon Valley based companies. As for the features and stuff, Apple broadly showed how the compact size of the new HomePod mini can really help and can be used seamlessly for home usage.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

Although the new HomePod mini is smaller, it retains all the goodness of its brother and provides you the best-in-class HomePod experience with the help of Siri.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

As predicted in the rumors, the HomePod mini will be powered by an Apple S5 chip that will help it deliver better computational audio experience.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

Apple has stated the use of the iPhones alongside the HomePod mini makes it a better experience. The smart speaker will recognize the music being played on your iPhone if you near it and will quickly catch up with the song that you had been playing.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

The deep integration of the HomePod mini with your iPhone helps you give much better audio and smart home experience. Speaking with Alexa will also be much precise while recognizing multiple voices and giving you personalized daily experience.

The design of the new HomePod is very cool and the material used to make the device is quite identical to what we have seen on the HomePod. The backlit touch surface looks great and modern. Overall as per the design, the HomePod mini is very appealing enough to find a place in your house easily.

Even though it’s small, Apple says that there has been no compromise in audio experience as it is said to deliver boundary-pushing computational audio. Helping to create the full, detailed tones of a much larger speaker.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

Much like what its competitors are doing, you can use multiple HomePod minis for various modes including using two of them to create a stereo pair to create left and right channels for an immersive sound experience.

Or if you use multiple HomePod mini speakers placed around the house, you can expect to have a connected sound system for your whole home. Also, with Siri, you can control or convey messages that will be processed to other HomePod minis all across your home with the help of Intercom.

Another interesting feature coming in soon is the personalized listening suggestions that will automatically appear on your iPhone when you hold it next to your HomePod mini.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

Hearing music, asking questions, finding places, creating lists and reminders, doing simple conversions and calculations, listening to Apple Podcasts and radio stations, controlling other connected devices, you can do much more with the new HomePod mini.

Apple HomePod mini launched at $99

Apple has priced the new HomePod mini at $99, and at that, a lot of people will be opting for Apple’s new product, and it will be available to order from November 6. In India, you can order the new HomePod mini for ₹9,900 on the same date and expect to ship from 16th November globally.

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