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Apex Legends Season 16th Revelry will not introduce any new Legend

Apex Legends’ 16th season, Revelry, begins on February 14, but it will not feature a new Legend character — the first time a new season has begun without a new hero to play with since the battle royale’s inception in 2019.

However, Respawn Entertainment will reorganise the current roster of heroes into character classes, with each class having access to a combat perk. In addition, six Legends, including Wraith, Lifeline, and Seer, will receive updates in addition to the usual balance changes.

Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support are the six classes. Later this week, Respawn will reveal more about what these classes can do and how they are balanced. To date, the game’s 23 playable characters have been classified as Offensive (nine Legends), Defensive (six Legends), Recon (six Legends), or Support (two Legends).

Apex Legends
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According to a season premiere video released on Monday, Apex Legends will receive a new weapon.

Nemesis is an automatic, burst-fire assault rifle that uses energy weapon ammunition. When the season begins, a long-requested team deathmatch mode will also be available to play. As Respawn looks to expand Apex Legends’ audience and acclimatise more players to its highly competitive world, new players can expect to see onboarding modes with the option to play with or against bots.

The studio and publisher Electronic Arts announced last week that Apex Legends Mobile would be shutting down after less than a year, so Respawn’s decision to focus on rebalancing and reorganising its roster is intriguing. Fade and Rhapsody, two playable Legends exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile, were introduced. The developers of Respawn have not stated whether those characters or any other exclusive Apex Legends Mobile content will be included in the main game.

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