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AMD is planning to release Three Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs in 2023

Customers looking for Zen 4 X3D CPUs may get some positive news in January during CES 2023. The most recent rumours indicate that AMD intends to eliminate some of the restrictions set on Zen 3 3D V-Cache, however these reports almost entirely contradict previous ones.

AMD is expected to showcase at least three X3D Zen 4 CPUs at CES in January. Contrary to previous rumours, they will be available in eight, twelve, and sixteen-core configurations.

The Ryzen 9 7900X3D and 7950X3D could be the 12- and 16-core X3D processors, respectively. Based on the impact of 3D V-Cache on the Zen 3 CPUs, the two high-end processors could have 192MB of L3 cache. Meanwhile, the eight-core option might be a Ryzen 7 7800X3D or 7700X3D with 96MB of L3 cache, akin to the well-reviewed 5800X3D from this year. Furthermore, the forthcoming X3D models may be free of the clock limits of the 5800X3D.

AMD’s 3D V-Cache, introduced last year, triples a CPU’s L3 cache via a 3D stacking approach. The method increased the L3 cache from 32MB to 96MB, giving the 5800X3D much greater gaming performance than the 5800X.

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AMD, on the other hand, significantly underclocked the X3D model and disabled overclocking. Users hoping for faster, unfettered V-Cache CPUs were disappointed last month by claims that AMD will only offer a Ryzen 5 7600X3D and a Ryzen 7 7700X3D. They’d be paired with an entry-level A620 AM5 motherboard that disabled overclocking and limited RAM speeds to DDR5-4800.

Instead, current sources suggest that the Zen 4 X3D CPUs will have around the same clock speeds as non-X3D versions and would at least partially lift the overclocking limitation. All Zen 4 3D V-Cache CPUs, like the 7900X and 7950X, will have a TDP of 170W. There will be no 7600X3D.

The Zen 4 X3Ds will be available following the CES announcement, but it is unclear when. Earlier rumours put the release date in March or April 2023, but that could change if the remainder of the old information is incorrect. AMD is likely hoping that V-Cache would boost Zen 4’s initially low sales relative to the still-popular Zen 3.

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