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AMD Rembrandt APUs images leaked online ahead of their release

Although AMD’s codenamed Rembrandt accelerated processing unit (APU) for notebooks is expected to be unveiled in a few days, several facts regarding the chip have already leaked.

Due to its performance-oriented architecture, the initial images of AMD’s Rembrandt indicate that it will be one of AMD’s most popular APUs in recent years. There could be as many as 24 versions in the family, including ordinary 28W parts, Pro components, and 45W SKUs for high-performance laptops.

Up to eight Zen 3 cores and 16MB of L3 cache could be found in the new Ryzen 6000-series ‘Rembrandt’ APU. The RDNA2-based GPU is said to include 768 stream processors and 12 compute engines for graphics (or six workgroup processors, or GPS, as some sources put it). Rembrandt could include four 32-bit DDR5/LPDDR5 memory interfaces, as well as new media/video and display engines. In essence, AMD improves the performance of their APUs with Rembrandt by incorporating architectural enhancements as well as increasing the number of execution units.

According to a block diagram supplied by ExecutableFix, Rembrandt’s other upgrades include two USB 4 ports (40 Gbps, 128b/132b encoding, DisplayPort 1.4a), 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes (8+4+4+4), an audio co-processor, and two 10GbE MACs. However, the hardware leaker admits that it isn’t comprehensive, so stay tuned for additional information.

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The Rembrandt was a somewhat large chip because of the massive Zen 3 cores, larger GPU, and improved interfaces, yet TSMC’s N6 node allowed AMD to reduce die size a little. According to Andreas Schilling and Patrick Schur, the Rembrandt is by far the largest APU among AMD’s 7nm APUs, measuring roughly 206 mm2 208 mm2 (the Renoir is 156 mm2 and the Cezanne is 180 mm2). VideoCardz revealed a photo of AMD’s Rembrandt development board today, and the APU does appear to be quite large.

Rembrandt will handle both DDR5 and LPDDR5 memory types, which differ significantly on a logical and electrical basis. DDR5-compatible models will be packaged in an FP7 package, while LPDDR5-compatible SKUs will be packaged in an FP7r2. Both will be the same size as AMD’s existing FP6 packaging, which is 2535 mm. There will be two sets of SKUs supporting various types of memory, but presumably with identical general characteristics because there are two sorts of packages.

The availability date for AMD’s Ryzen 6000-series ‘Rembrandt’ family of APUs is one of the most intriguing aspects of the product. According to rumours, AMD may officially unveil the new APUs at CES next week, although it’s unclear when actual PCs based on the new chips would be available.

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Because all of the material presented here comes from unofficial sources, it should be regarded as preliminary (and perhaps inaccurate) and taken with a grain of salt. AMD, logically, will not comment on a product that it is rumoured to be releasing next week.

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