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AMD confirms Compute Units for its Navi 32 and Navi 33 “RDNA 3” GPUs

The highest compute unit counts of AMD’s three RDNA 3 GPUs, including the upcoming Navi 32 and Navi 33 processors, have been confirmed. Since the leak from Angstronomics, the amount of compute units for the AMD RDNA 3 GPU family has been known, but this leak comes directly from AMD in the form of an update to the ROCm Software, which was found by @Kepler L2.

The Radeon RX 7900 XT & RX 7900 XT graphics card, among other next-generation enthusiast cards, would be powered by the AMD Navi 31 GPU, the RDNA 3’s flagship processor. Dual CU (Compute Units) will be housed in each WGP, but there will be four SIMD32 clusters per CU, as opposed to two on each CU in RDNA 2. The chip makes use of a combination of TSMC 6nm (MCD) and 5nm (GCD) manufacturing nodes.

credit: wccftech
  • AMD Navi 31: 12288 Cores, 384-bit Bus, 96 MB Infinity Cache, 300mm2 GPU Die @5nm
  • AMD Navi 21: 5120 Cores, 384-bit Bus, 128 MB Infinity Cache, 520mm2 GPU Die @7nm

One GCD with 96 Compute Units, 48 WGPs, 12 SAs, and 6 SEs is anticipated to be offered by the AMD Navi 31 GPU with RDNA 3 architecture. A total of 12288 cores or 6144 SPs will be distributed as a result. This represents a 2.4x increase in cores over the Navi 21 GPU’s 5120 cores.

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The Navi 31 GPU will also include 6 MCDs, each of which will have a 16 MB Infinity Cache. Additionally, the Navi 31 GPU will include 64-bit (32-bit x 2) memory controllers, giving the chip a 384-bit bus interface. Each of these chiplets, or MCDs, will have a surface area of 37.5mm2 and be produced on TSMC’s 6nm production node.

credit: wccftech

One of the two MCM GPUs included in the RDNA 3 range is the AMD Navi 32 GPU, also known by the codename “Wheat Nas.”

The GPU will have four MCDs and one GCD (Graphics Compute Dies) (Multi-Cache Die). While each MCD will continue to be the same size at 37.5mm2, the GPU or GCD is claimed to measure 200mm2.

  • AMD Navi 32: 7680 Cores, 256-bit Bus, 64 MB Infinity Cache, 200mm2 GPU Die @5nm
  • AMD Navi 22: 2560 Cores, 192-bit Bus, 96 MB Infinity Cache, 335mm2 GPU Die @7nm

The GCD will have three shader engines, each of which has six shader arrays. The GPU will have 60 compute units, or 30 WGP, for a total of 7680 cores. Additionally, each MCD should have two memory connect links (32-bit). For a 256-bit bus interface, that makes a total of 8 32-bit memory controllers available.

The monolithic part of the RDNA 3 family will begin with the AMD Navi 33 GPU, sometimes known as “Hotpink Bonefish.”

credit: wccftech

A single die will be present in the GPU. The device, which is expected to be fabricated using a 6nm production node and have a die size of 203mm2, is extremely comparable to the flagship Navi 21 GPU.

  • AMD Navi 33: 4096 Cores, 128-bit Bus, 32 MB Infinity Cache, 335mm2 GPU Die @6nm
  • AMD Navi 23: 2048 Cores, 128-bit Bus, 32 MB Infinity Cache, 237mm2 GPU Die @7nm

The Navi 33 GCD is anticipated to include two Shader Engines, each of which contains two Shader Arrays (two per SE, for a total of four). This amounts to 16 WGPs or 32 Compute Units, which is more than the Radeon RX 6800 “Navi 21 XL” GPU’s 4096 cores. A 128-bit wide bus and 32 MB of Infinity Cache, the same amount as the Navi 23 GPU, will be included in the GPU’s packaging.

On December 13th, the Navi 31-powered Radeon RX 7900 XTX & RX 7900 XT graphics cards—which will be the first AMD RDNA 3 GPUs—will go on sale. The Navi 32 and Navi 33 GPUs will most likely be released in the first half of 2023, with the mobility Navi 32 GPUs scheduled to be announced around CES 2023.

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