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AMD EPYC Siena CPUs to launch under EPYC 8004 banner

AMD will soon release its EPYC Siena CPUs for the SP6 platform, which will be labelled as part of the EPYC 8004 family. The AMD EPYC 8004 “Siena” CPUs will coexist with the EPYC 9004 family, which includes the Genoa, Genoa-X, and Bergamo chips. These chips will be aimed at entry-level servers and platforms that are optimised for lower TCO.

We recently saw the first SP6 socket coolers, which share the same design as the SP3 socket. Both sockets are very similar and can support up to 64 cores. Only the larger SP5 sockets will support core counts of up to 128 (Bergamo Zen 4C).

The AMD SP6 platform and EPYC Siena lineup will provide a more cost-effective option for low-end servers.

It’ll be a 1P solution with 6-channel memory, 96 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, 48 CXL V1.1+ lanes, and 8 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes. The platform will include Zen 4 EPYC CPUs, but only the entry-level solutions from the EPYC Siena family with up to 32 Zen 4 and up to 64 Zen 4C cores.

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So it appears that the SP6 platform is intended to support the entry-level EPYC Genoa, Bergamo, and even Zen 5-based Turin CPUs. It will concentrate on Density and Perf/Watt optimisations for Edge/Telecom segment leadership.

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According to documents discovered by @Olrak (via Anandtech Forums), the SP6 socket appears to be very similar to the existing SP3 socket, implying that the packaging layout of the SP6 chips will be similar to that of existing EPYC CPUs.

They will not use a full 12-die layout like the AMD EPYC Genoa or Bergamo, but will instead stick to an 8-die layout like the existing parts. While the socket appears to be the same, the internal pin layout has been changed to LGA 4844 rather than LGA 4096 (on SP3 sockets).

It remains to be seen whether SP6 will be included in the AMD Threadripper lineup. For the time being, we know that the next-generation Threadripper 7000 “Storm Peak” family will be available in HEDT and Workstation flavours, with HEDT supporting 4-channel memory and WS supporting 8-channel memory.

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