Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Amazon Web Services experienced an outage on Wednesday

Cloud computing is a field that is growing extremely fast, and with the advent of 5G and 6G, the field has seen tremendous development. Among all the cloud service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most famous. It is the backbone of many websites and apps. However, yesterday the service experienced a multi-hour outage that affected a large portion of the internet. The service has been reportedly fully restored as of 4:18 AM ET today morning.

Among the company’s that reported Amazon’s successful restoration of AWS, Adobe was one of the first to report an all clear. According to sources, the issue has only affected one of its 23 geographic AWS regions. But it was significant enough to take out a large number of internet services.

Many apps, services, and websites have posted on Twitter about how the AWS outage affected them, including 1Password, Acorns, Adobe Spark, Anchor, Autodesk, Capital Gazette, Coinbase, DataCamp, Getaround, Glassdoor, Flickr, iRobot, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pocket, RadioLab, Roku, RSS Podcasting, Tampa Bay Times, Vonage, The Washington Post, and WNYC.


We have restored all traffic to Kinesis Data Streams via all endpoints, and it is now operating normally. We have also resolved the error rates invoking CloudWatch APIs. We continue to work towards full recovery for IoT SiteWise, and details of the service status are below. All other services are operating normally. We have identified the root cause of the Kinesis Data Streams event and have completed immediate actions to prevent a recurrence,” States Amazon.

AWS is the most widely-used cloud computing services globally, so any issues can cause severe damage to other web services and apps, as evidenced by the number of companies affected by the outage. With the increase in cloud computing, dependency on cloud data centers also increases; thus, it is mandatory to keep them properly maintained.


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Nivedita Bangari
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