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Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Amazon Prime Discount for students is a must these days. We are all looking for ways to save money these days. You can see that the Prime Discount is a necessity that enables us to get affordable entertainment, deliveries, music, and much more. The entire Amazon ecosystem is becoming huge every day. The student discount offer is a way of giving back to society. They are one of the biggest platforms on the internet.

a1 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Different benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives its users access to unlimited resources as well as special offers on its e-commerce site. Prime benefits consist of the following:

  • Prime photos
  • Prime now
  • Video games discounts
  • Kindle first
  • Prime music
  • Prime Video
  • Audible
  • Twitch benefits

Amazon Prime For Students

Amazon Prime gives an excellent opportunity for college students to save their time as well as money. Students are eligible for discounts given by amazon, which is ‘Amazon Prime Students.’

This Prime Student version is solely created keeping students in mind. It is the cheaper version of amazon prime explicitly designed to cater to college-going students. Prime Student gives college students access to free 2- day shipping and other services like streaming and games. The membership is as less as half the price of the company’s traditional prime membership. Along with this, it gives students a no-cost, six-month trial and then a discounted rate.

By opting for Amazon Prime Student, students can save as much as 50% on the membership and a 6-month free trial.

a2 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Significant advantages of Amazon Prime and services offered:

Amazon Prime Student offers the most Prime benefits that one can even think of through their platform. It comes with a free two-day shipping option on all the products put upon its portal. It gives you access to unlimited streaming of several web series and movies, unlimited photo storage, and early access to several Amazon deals. It is one of the best life hacks for anyone with access to their .edu mailing address.

a3 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Here are some more exclusive benefits of the Student membership:

  • Prime membership will last for four years or until a student graduates.
  • It provides several deals and promotions on college items. One can save up to 90% on college books.
  • It gives students the option to trade their college supplements as well.
  • It allows you to share the membership benefits with other students.
  • It gives access to amazon’s off-to-college store and also several discounts.
  • It provides unlimited photo storage to those who use prime photos.
  • Excellent delivery benefits, along with exclusive ways to shop and early access to the deals.

How to access Amazon Prime Student?

Start with creating an Amazon account. It’s free. The process of student verification will be done to ensure that the user is a student. For this, a college issued email terminating with .edu is used for confirmation.

In case you are not provided with any such type of email id from the college, you have to send Amazon a set of scanned documents that prove you are a student.

Once you are a verified student user, you will get a free trial period to use Amazon. Suppose the Amazon Student is not up to your expectations during the trial period or finds that it is not worth paying. In that case, you can cancel your membership “before the trial period ends” by discontinuing the Prime Student membership.

a4 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Click Here to check out the 6-month Amazon Prime trial for students. And you can Click Here for Amazon Youth Offer.

Audible by Amazon for students

Amazon is a vast ecosystem where everyone can connect to get the best benefits. The excellent video service comes with some great additions on the platform. It is highly beneficial for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks. As a prime member, you will get a free 90 day trial of Audible for your use. It is ideal for those who enjoy an excellent long-term option for free.

a5 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Features of Audible

  • There is a massive library of books available on the website.
  • You can get regular free audiobooks and access new information.
  • Users can listen on the go and get thought-provoking ideas.
  • It is simple to swap books for free on the platform.
  • You get free unlimited Audible audiobook originals through the subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based service program that lets users stream movies and web series from a massive catalog. This OTT platform known for the famous web series like Jack Ryan, Bosch, Absentia, etc., has shown its dominance and has become the center of attraction for today’s youth. It has brought a revolution and has taken over the conventional methods of movie viewing. The year 2020 has been bad for the masses but has helped OTT platforms like Amazon Prime boost its viewership to a significant extent.

a7 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is increasingly becoming one of the biggest platforms. It is highly beneficial for those who enjoy a varied taste in music. There are tons of songs that are worth listening to on your devices. Amazon prime users receive great benefits when they sign up for this service. In most regions, Amazon Music is entirely free for all the users who purchase a premium membership. In the USA, you can get an additional discount on Music membership. Amazon Music Unlimited plan starts from $0.99 exclusively for students.

a8 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Prime reading

a9 Amazon Prime Discount for Students

Prime reading offers you access to a massive library of e-books online. It is similar to Kindle and works on all your devices. Students can utilize this feature to increase their knowledge while exploring new reads. There is also a library of audiobooks available on this platform. Here are some of the benefits of using Prime reading.

  • You get access to a vast library of constantly updating e-books and audiobooks.
  • Users receive one free book from the top editor’s pick.
  • It comes with Magazines, Articles, and comic books as well on the platform.

Should we go for Amazon Prime Student?

Every other student faces a cash crunch when it comes to subscribing to OTT platforms. Amazon Prime introduced the Student membership, which not only offers video streaming at an affordable price but is also inclusive of other perks. Students can save a lot of money with this subscription as it is priced at as less as half the actual prime membership. Several discounts and early access to deals have made the Prime Student version a favorite of the young generation.

a10 Amazon Prime Discount for Students


Amazon Prime Discount for students is a blessing in disguise for those who want to get excellent results. It offers a unique ecosystem with multiple features under the same umbrella. It is ideal for those who want to save up on money and not give up on life quality.

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