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All Quiet On The Western Front:  Everything We need to Know About Daniel Bruhl’s WW1 Film 

Netflix released the new trailer of  ‘All Quiet on the Western Front in the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival at the end of this week. The story of the film is really an adrenaline booster. However, the film follows an eye at the horrific experience of World War I. The brand-new adaptation has come from German moviemaker Edward Berger along with Lan Stokell and Lesley Paterson. In this film, we will see Felix Kammerer playing the role of Paul Baumer who is the soldier and the main soldier in the story.

He is volunteering for the battle effort along with his classmates which might have been his expectation of them. Earlier, he has to face the horrors of the battle, and also the never-ending tragedy playing in the middle of the trench warfare. 


The filming adaptation from the hand of author Erich Maria Remarque’s novel had been banned throughout Europe to the confusing anti-war messaging while it was set up in 1929. These things have been hailed by the pacificist who had pushed back just against such a sweeping war that was torn beside Europe. Before all things, the novel has been adapted many times containing in 1930, just a year after the release of the book, and again in 1979.

The complete details of the story have the details from the viewpoint of the soldier that has trenched World War I as derived from Remarque’s firsthand experiences in the war. The movie definitely follows the exact premise of the novel and the academy Award-winning adaptation from 1930. 

The new trailer depicts such bright spots of Paul’s early enlistment along with the fellow soldier who has interspersed in between the wrack and ruin and such dangerous terrain, there are the horrors as it realizing that your friends getting stuck down into the name of the merciless battle. The new trailer also provided such a short glimpse at Daniel Bruhl as a German diplomat that’s negotiating Germany has surrender in the final days of the battle. 

qui4 All Quiet On The Western Front:  Everything We need to Know About Daniel Bruhl’s WW1 Film 

All Quiet on the Western Front: Cast 

Apart from Daniel Bruhl, the new film features Albrecht Schuch, Moritz Klaus, Aaron Hilmer, Edin Hasanovic, Adrian Grunewald, Devid Striesow, Andreas Dohler, Sebastian Hulk, Alexander Schuster, Luc Gelt, Michael Wittenborn, Michael Stange, Andre Marcon, Tobias Langhoff, and Anton von Lucke. 

All Quiet on the Western Front: Release Date 

The movie will hit Germany’s theatres on 29th September. On Netflix, the film will hit on 28th October. 

Here is the trailer: 

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