Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Airtel XSafe Home Surveillance Solution launched in India

Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of XSafe, an end-to-end, easy-to-operate home surveillance solution. It comprises a range of Wi-Fi-based advanced cameras designed to make sure customers are connected to their homes even while they are away.

Bharti Airtel entered into the home surveillance market with XSafe with products starting from ₹2499 and subscription of ₹999 a year for unlimited cloud storage.

Airtel XSafe Home Surveillance Solution launched in India

Airtel XSafe

Airtel Xsafe uses advanced cameras that enable motion detection, allow you to have a chat with people at your home from wherever you are and provide a 360-degree view of what is happening in your home through the Airtel Xsafe App. The App will provide real time alerts should the camera detect any concerning movement.


As part of the newly launched surveillance system, Airtel is giving three cameras that can be installed at home or office to keep an eye on everything that’s happening there. It includes two indoor cameras and one outdoor camera along with range of WiFi plans that can be bundled with it for a smooth surveillance system.

Airtel XSafe Home Surveillance Solution launched in India

“We constantly listen to our customers, and post-pandemic a lot of them have expressed concerns about the well-being of their loved ones while they are away from home. Xsafe is the perfect solution for these customers. It is an easy-to-operate, end-to-end home surveillance solution that allows customers to keep an eye on their loved ones. It will also allow them to talk to those at home from wherever they are through a two-way communication system in the camera,” said Vir Inder Nath, CEO, Homes, Bharti Airtel, in a statement.

Airtel Xsafe comes with an array of Smart features, including person detection, full-HD video recording, cloud storage, motion detection, built-in alarm, and simultaneous viewing. The three cameras under the Airtel Xsafe service are- a sticky camera and a 360-degree camera for indoor, and an active defence camera for outdoor. 

Airtel XSafe Home Surveillance Solution launched in India

As of now, the Airtel Xsafe is available in 40 cities across the country, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, and Kolkata. Interested customers can book Xsafe either via the official Xsafe website or the Airtel Thanks app. The sticky cam is priced at Rs 2,499, while the 360° cam is for Rs 2,999 and the active defence cam is for Rs 4,499. Customers can pay an annual subscription charge of Rs 999 and get free 1-month subscription for the first time.

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