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Top 10 Bollywood Actresses With Highest Box Office Collections

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses With Highest Box Office Collections: Bollywood, the heart of Indian cinema, has seen the rise of numerous talented actresses who have left an indelible mark on the industry with their performances and box office success. In this article, we delve into the careers of ten leading Bollywood actresses who have garnered the highest box office collections through their prolific filmography. From iconic roles to record-breaking box office numbers, these actresses have solidified their positions as reigning queens of the silver screen.

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses With Highest Box Office Collections

1. Katrina Kaif: 3,130 Cr

Katrina Kaif stands tall as one of Bollywood’s most sought-after actresses, with a staggering 34 movies to her credit. Her captivating screen presence and versatility have contributed to her immense success, making her a powerhouse performer in the industry.

2. Deepika Padukone: 2,901 Cr

With 26 movies under her belt, Deepika Padukone has carved a niche for herself as a leading actress in Bollywood. Her stellar performances have translated into substantial box office earnings, solidifying her position as one of the top earners in the industry.

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3. Kareena Kapoor Khan: 2,447 Cr

Kareena Kapoor Khan, with an illustrious career spanning 51 movies, has charmed audiences with her charisma and acting prowess. Her films have amassed a significant box office collection, establishing her as a force to be reckoned with in Bollywood.

4. Alia Bhatt: 1,800 Cr

Despite her relatively shorter filmography of 16 movies, Alia Bhatt has made a significant impact on Bollywood. Her exceptional talent has propelled her films to considerable box office success, showcasing her immense potential as an actress.

5. Priyanka Chopra Jonas: 1,603 Cr

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a global icon, has graced the silver screen with her captivating performances in 41 movies. Her films have garnered widespread popularity and success, resulting in impressive box office earnings.

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6. Anushka Sharma: 1,539 Cr

Anushka Sharma’s journey in Bollywood, encompassing 18 movies, has been nothing short of remarkable. Her exceptional acting skills have contributed to her films’ significant box-office success, establishing her as a versatile and bankable actress.

7. Sonakshi Sinha: 1,314 Cr

Sonakshi Sinha, known for her dynamic on-screen presence, has featured in 23 movies in Bollywood. Her films have accumulated substantial box office earnings, showcasing her ability to deliver successful performances consistently.

8. Shraddha Kapoor: 1,311 Cr

Shraddha Kapoor has mesmerized audiences with her performances in 18 movies, demonstrating her versatility as an actress. Her films have amassed considerable box office collections, highlighting her appeal among audiences.

9. Jacqueline Fernandez: 1,308 Cr

Jacqueline Fernandez, with 19 movies to her credit, has enchanted audiences with her charm and grace on the silver screen. Her films have achieved significant box office success, solidifying her position as a bankable actress in Bollywood.

10. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja: 1,259 Cr

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, known for her impeccable fashion sense and acting talent, has starred in 19 movies. Her films have garnered substantial box office earnings, showcasing her ability to deliver both critically acclaimed and commercially successful performances.

These ten Bollywood actresses have collectively amassed remarkable box office earnings, showcasing their immense popularity and success in the industry. From captivating performances to iconic roles, they have left an enduring mark on Indian cinema, solidifying their status as leading figures in Bollywood.


  1. Who is the highest-earning Bollywood actress?

    Katrina Kaif tops the list with a total box office collection of 3,130 Cr.

  2. Which Bollywood actress has appeared in the most movies?

    Kareena Kapoor Khan has the highest number of appearances with 51 movies

  3. Which Bollywood actress has the highest box office collection per movie?

    Katrina Kaif, with a cumulative box office collection of 3,130 Cr from 34 movies.


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