Thursday, February 2, 2023

Acer Nitro XV2 monitor is insanely fast at a 390Hz refresh rate

Acer has just revealed its new and latest monitor, and the tech community is already terming it to be the world’s fastest monitor currently in existence. And no, they have a rightful reason for this assessment because the monitor dubbed the Acer Nitro XV2 has a display refresh of a whopping 390Hz.

The display of Acers powerful Nitro XV2 series XV252QF is also FreeSync Premium Pro certified and uses an IPS-type AUO AHVA screen. The display panel of the monitor is a 24.5-inch 360Hz IPS-type that’s overclockable to 390Hz, offering users an ultra-fast 1080p experience with 0.5ms G2G response time.

The screens refresh rate is reportedly 6.5x faster than standard 60Hz PC displays, making this screen ideal for competitive gaming applications. Acer has also fitted this Nitro XV2 display with thin bezels and a highly adjustable stand. This monitor is a monster for gamers and the biggest gift for content creators. 

Not to mention that the monitor comes in support of the FreeSync Premium Pro; users of the Acer Nitro XV252QF can expect variable refresh rate support with a range of 48-390Hz and support for HDR. For now, we don’t know as to up to what quality HDR support is expected because the HDR specifications of this monitor remain unavailable on Acer’s website. 

The extra-high refresh rate for gamers will allow them to play games at the fastest possible framerate and with minimal display latency, delivering smoother gameplay experiences while also offering users a competitive advantage over their opponents.


However, if the gamers and content creators want to utilize the complete power of the insanely high refresh rate, the monitor must be supported by an absurdly powerful CPU and GPU. Anything half-assed won’t do.

At this time, the pricing and release date of  Acer Nitro XV252QF remains unknown, though we expect this monitor to cost over £600. 


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Nivedita Bangari
Nivedita Bangari
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