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A bug allows Halo Inifinite players to play co-op in campaign mode ahead of the release of the feature

A Halo Infinite player has discovered a glitch that allows local co-op in the campaign months before the feature is set to be released officially.

Nobleactual posted a few seconds of split-screen multiplayer running in the Halo Infinite campaign in a video posted to Twitter and reported by Kotaku. They also provided instructions on how to perform the glitch in addition to the video.

Before you get too enthusiastic to try it out for yourself, keep in mind that multiplayer comes with a lot of restrictions and risks. For starters, having a second player in the game prevents you from progressing through the campaign tale or accessing FOBs. Player two will also be without a HUD, which means they will be unable to see guns, ammo, health, or the radar.

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So you’ll essentially be able to romp around the world with a second player without making any progress. Furthermore, nobleactual claims that this may jeopardize your save data, as their saves refused to load after 10 hours of tinkering with the glitch.

Still, there are a few steps nobleactual took to make this fun glitch happen. You connect a second controller and sign in to an Xbox account after making sure Infinite is offline. Then, with your first controller, start the campaign, hit start and then back, and then start with the second controller to add the player to the fireteam. Some users have been able to enable co-op this way.

1. Infinite must be offline
2. Connect the second controller
3. Sign in to an Xbox account
4. Start a campaign with controller 1
5. In-game, hit start and then back
6. On the second controller, hit start to add the second player to the fireteam
7. Halo infinite co-op enabled!

— nobleactual (@nobleactual4) December 17, 2021

If you’re still waiting for Infinite to get an official update that includes campaign multiplayer, 343 plans to release it alongside Forge in May 2022 at the earliest. However, you can play Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer with friends online, and the season 1 battle pass has recently been updated to improve progression.

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