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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022

Music offers tranquility to even the most agitated minds. Music is both amusing and therapeutic, and studies show that it may even benefit your health. Music streaming apps, in general, soothe the mind, reduce nerve activity, and even help with pain management.

Furthermore, it influences one’s ideas, mood, and productivity, which comes as no surprise. Nowadays, finding a piece of good music is as difficult as finding a sympathetic companion. Many times, a fast-paced song has left us feeling pumped and energized, while a delicate live rendition has left us in tears. This is how effective music is at evoking our emotions and activating our brain cells.

On the plus side, if you’re seeking a life mate, start by harmonizing your musical interests; if you’re ready to put up with the bizarre choices, stay. Let us take the time to appreciate the enchantment that ancient masterpieces contain, even though new-gen music has already garnered a lot of attention. They’re energizing, transporting, and the lyrics stick with you longer.

As the way music is manufactured, marketed, and enjoyed by people all over the world has developed, there have been substitutes for everything from records to smartphone applications. There are plenty of music streaming apps that have built out a specialty by appealing to a wide clientele.

Here is the list of top 5 music streaming apps in India as of 2022:


Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022
credits – newsroom.spotify.com

For music enthusiasts who can’t survive without it, this Swedish platform is the go-to app. With an extreme low-cost stance and intensive consumer growth, this company has revolutionized and stepped up in the market. Spotify mostly uses bar code availability for each music. This adds a fun aspect to the app and is a notion that has been welcomed unexpectedly well all over the world.

The color scheme of the music streaming app is a blend of black and green, which has a calming effect. Green represents stability and restfulness, whereas black represents drama and refinement. As a result, Spotify now has a wider music audience.

Amazon Prime Music

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022
credits – businessinsider.com

Amazon’s Prime Music is a subsidiary of the company’s entertainment division. Amazon is a giant company, and it unveiled a trump card in the shape of Prime membership to make things easier for customers while simultaneously making money for the company.

This membership gives access to Amazon Prime music and video, as well as speedier delivery on the Amazon shopping app. This music streaming app contains 75 million songs that may be played and downloaded, as well as an artist-curated jukebox with unplugged versions of songs.

Apple Music

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022
credits – whathifi.com

Apple Music is a media player from Apple that was released in 2015 and is primarily for Apple devices. This software comes pre-installed on Apple devices and includes over 90 million song options spanning a wide range of genres. This music streaming app includes an outstanding streaming experience as well as the ability to play and download your favorite music. Apple Music features a $9.99 monthly premium membership that allows you to stream music without interruption and ads.

Despite being a global leader, this music streaming app has flaws, at least in India. The public is only willing to pay monthly or yearly for access to the app and the rich information it provides, thanks to the country’s adoption of the subscription culture. Apple Music subscriptions, on the other hand, are unreasonably expensive, which is why this streaming platform is not commonly used in our nation.

Jio Saavn

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022
credits – gadgets360.com

Saavn, Indian music streaming app, was purchased by Jio Music Platform, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, in 2018. Saavn began as a B2B service providing Bollywood material in North America. It later moved its concentration to Bollywood, regional, and independent music as a B2C business. By allowing users to follow their friends’ artists and playlists and communicate about them in real time, Saavn is one step closer to linking social networking.

It uses a freemium model, which means that the app download and streaming media are both free, but a user must pay almost 400 INR for a yearly subscription to get ad-free, high-quality music. Saavn offers 60 million music in 320kbps audio quality, as well as a limitless number of playlists and radio stations based on mood, genre, and artists.

Youtube Music

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps in India as of 2022
credits – androidauthority.com

Youtube Music, the most broadly organized, music streaming app and the largest venue for new releases, has established a specific category for consumers looking for the latest music on YouTube. The negative of YouTube was that it stopped playing music when the screen was locked, and there were continual adverts in between tracks.

With the launch of YouTube Music, the company has solved all of the flaws by offering ad-free, high-quality music that is also available offline via a subscription option. Subscriptions are more expensive, with individual plans ranging from $12.99 to $17.99 for a family plan. The viewers of Youtube can choose between prepaid and postpaid plans.

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