Monday, May 23, 2022

A new Saw Crossover announced for Dead by Daylight

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Dead by Daylight has started the new year off right with a slew of bonuses and goodies for players. Players can earn even more Bloodpoints for their killer and survivor characters’ Bloodwebs thanks to these compensations and upgrades to Dead by Daylight’s monthly grade rewards.

However, the news that Dead by Daylight will have a Ringu chapter, which is presently planned to launch in March, has provided a sliver of a roadmap. There’s enough to look forward to until then. The next tome archive will include a franchise recognizable to Dead by Daylight players, it was just confirmed.

Dead by Daylight will once again offer Saw as the featured content for its tenth tome release. In Dead by Daylight, the horror franchise Saw is prevalent. Saw’s Gideon Meat Plant is a cramped indoor terrain with numerous line-of-sight obstacles and reference rooms where Jigsaw’s gruesome trials have occurred. The Pig, also known as Amanda Young, is Saw’s killer character. She is stealthy and has the unique ability to affix reverse bear traps to the heads of survivors. As a surviving character, Saw’s Detective David Tapp has been added.


Tome 10 will be released in just two days, on January 26, so players should expect this content to arrive quickly. However, there appears to be a feature that reveals what gamers might expect in terms of cosmetics from the tome. According to IGN, the latest Dead by Daylight book will feature “notoriously vicious horror movie villain Jigsaw” in some manner. Dead by Daylight tomes does represent a franchise or a single character for which cosmetics and lore are available.

Fans can expect cosmetic clothes for The Pig and Detective Tapp in the newly released Saw DLC from Dead by Daylight. The Pig is therefore likely to have a cosmetic makeover that more closely reflects her self-righteously harsh instructor, John Kramer. Otherwise, a cosmetic that looks like Billy the Puppet, the tricycle-riding doll that Kramer employs to tape-recorded instructions that advise victims on how to survive each trial, could be available.

As with earlier tomes, more lore will undoubtedly be shared through this tome’s archives. Players should also expect a rift to be linked to the current tome shortly, where these cosmetics will most likely be available for purchase. Players may see a similar incentive in Saw’s latest crossover this week, as it did in Dead by Daylight’s festive Halloween tome, which awarded free cosmetics just for progressing through it, even without a rift linked with it.

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Mobile, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are all supported with Dead by Daylight.

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