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Everything You Need To Know About The SAINTS ROW REBOOT

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In saints row IV, we as the players and the president saved the galaxy from an intergalactic threat. However, in the overall gaming franchise it was time and again racking up its absurdity and taking us to places that we wouldn’t expect from a series whose beginnings started from rested in a small-time, gang start-up.

So in order to save the franchise from its silliness and bring it back to its roots, Volition has taken Saints Row back to its roots in street-level crime. The latest reboot will be here and the game is certainly amazing.



Saints Row is set to release February 25, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

This game will be a reboot and will mark the new beginnings of the series. However, unlike other games in the series, players will play as founding members of the Saints and will get to build the empire up from ground zero. 

The game will take place in the city of Santo Ileso, which translates from Spanish to English as ‘saint unscathed’. The city is modelled after the Southern Southwest of America and is also one of the largest cities Volition has pieced together for a Saints Row title.

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The map is divided up into nine districts, which are: 

  • Lakeshore
  • Monte Vista
  • Marina Del Lago
  • Old Town
  • Sanatorium Flats
  • El Dorado
  • Mercado
  • Smelterville
  • Rancho Providencia

Each district will have its own distinct feel, theme, and inhabitants such as El Dorado, it has a real Las Vegas strip vibe to it with the neon overheads beckoning all kinds of ‘up to no good.

Then we have Monte Vista, which has a Hollywood Hills aesthetic in which when you throw a stone you’ll hit a backyard with a pool.

The best thing about the reboot is that Volition took the opportunity this time to reel things in a bit and has taken the things back to the streets. The focus this time will be back on street-level crime and all of the grit that comes with that territory.

The game’s story this time will be focusing majorly on the four friends and most of them are the turncoats from the city’s factions, who long to break out of their day-to-day rut, rise up, and build a criminal empire.

The main aim this time will be to build up your own criminal empire from the ground floor. Criminal Ventures are this game’s spin on crime operations that let the Saints place seemingly legit fronts throughout Santo Ileso. 

When more areas will fall under the control of players more pathways will be open. Once the territory is freed up, vacant lots begin to pop up and it’s entirely up to the players as to what they want to build there.

Building up the criminal empire from scratch is not easy and it cant be done alone, so your crew in the Saints Row will be an eclectic bunch, however, their motivations and stories are involved in previous iterations.

Another major update will be that the game will be supporting cross-platform, however, the major target is the last-gen consoles. The company isn’t probably keen on releasing the game to the ‘next-gen’ consoles.

Frankly, I am excited for the reboot of Saints Row, the game which was originally dubbed as a rip-off of GTA has come a long way. And it’s good to see the game going back to its roots.


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