After The Anthem Cancellation BioWare Willing to Stick to Its Guns

In the recent past when a game was released and it doesn’t become hit, there was nothing to do much about it. At that time, developers had to learn from their experiences, lick their wounds, and move on to a new project. In the digital age, the scenario is not like that. BioWare has spent so much time trying to find out a way to rebuild the Anthem from the bottom up.

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Fans are very excited to see the next installments in these franchises, and BioWare looks to be determined to meet the expectations. Christian Dailey, the executive producer of BioWare Austin has stated that Anthem NEXT has been abandoned, he gave some hints at a renewed focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

BioWare has proven multiple times that it can deliver on the Dragon Age franchise. There is no Dragon Age game since 2014, but fans know very well that BioWare is coming back to Dragon Age, ever since Dragon Age 4 was announced in 2018. It seems that those resources which were initially dedicated to Anthem NEXT now will move to work on the Dragon Age.

Anthem wasn’t able to reach that mark, now it looks like, BioWare learned a lot from the experience of Anthem’s rough road. There is a lot of things that BioWare can take a lesson from Anthem about experimenting with some new formulas and how a confusing development can impact a game so hard. There is so high expectation for Dragon Age 4 since it’s the first return to this franchise in so many years.

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