A Casual Sandbox Mode is Going to Be Included In Call of Duty: Warzone, As Per Leaks

If you are grinding hard in Call of Duty: Warzone, now you can take a break with the upcoming game mode. ZestyCODLeaks suggests that a casual sandbox mode could appear in the future. As per the leaks, this mode contains capture point minigame, races, and obstacle courses.

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One of the Warzone’s announcers said, “The area of operation is vast. Explore the activities.” Below, here is a list of references for the rumored upcoming mode:

  • A competitive control point game with several teams
  • Time trials
  • Obstacle courses
  • Vehicle races
  • Some sort of helicopter activity
  • A shooting course
  • Safe areas
  • A skydiving challenge

It seems that the sandbox is going to bring a casual vibe. This idea attracts comparisons to the vast creative mode of Fortnite that spawned an entire community of its own, though this Warzone version looks like a chaser to the main battle royale mode instead of a game within a game.

The audio leak contains references to a zombie “plague” mode that could be Verdansk’s final sendoff. We previously thought that the zombie outbreak of Warzone Season 2 will lead into the way of a new map, but this narration suggests that one separate mode will be there for the zombies.

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“This is your last chance to save Verdansk,” one line says. Another one informs players that “Verdansk is overrun” and suggests they “avoid the plague.” It seems like this mode is going to include a desperate race to an exfiltration site. Even if the players can save Verdansk, that may not be the canon-ending story that Activision has planned for. If Activision were finding a better reason to remove Verdansk from the game totally to make space for a new map, blowing it up is a suitable way to explain it.



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