‘Astra’ – New Agent of Valorant, A Cosmic Controller With Some Unique Abilities

Like every time, the hype has reached its extreme point with the upcoming Valorant agent – Astra. Before revealing the agent, Riot teased the fans with some hints like putting a star in several locations of the existing maps. Few players have seen it and shared it with curiosity. Finally, Riot launched the gameplay trailer of ‘Astra’.

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We, now know, that Astra belongs to the Controller agent pool and she is from Ghana. The agent will be available with the upcoming Act. Seeing the leaks and the trailers, this agent has some unique abilities which could give a good competition to Omen, Brimstone, and Viper. Now, let’s see what abilities can Astra brings to her team.

Astral Form:

Before using any ability, you have to go to the Astral Form to place the stars you have. In that form, you can see the whole map in a cosmic view, a bit similar to the Omen’s 3d map view. The advantage is, there is no range to place the stars. You have each and every corner of the map.

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You can have a maximum of five stars and after each round, you’ll gain one free star. For each star, you need to spend 200 credits. You just have to buy the stars, the abilities are all free to use.

Gravity Well (C):

It’s like a trapping ability. After activating it, the star transforms into a mini black hole, which attracts enemies towards its center. After a delay, it explodes but doesn’t deal any damage. Enemies get vulnerable and get double damage. Gravity Well has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Nova Pulse (Q):

With the Nova Pulse, you can stun your enemies in its area. The area of this ability is not so small, it can easily stun multiple enemies. The cooldown of this ability is also 12 seconds. You can use Nova Pulse with a combo of Gravity Well, players will be easily trapped and stunned.

Nebula (E):

This ability creates smoke and you have two charges of Nebula, which means you can use two smoke at a time. Each smoke stays for 15 seconds.

If you don’t need one star in a particular position or want to remove your placed star, then you can recall the star with the ‘F’ key. You’ll get the star back in your inventory after a small delay.

Cosmic Divide (X):

To activate the Cosmic Divide, you also have to go in the Astral Form. It’s a very powerful ability that divides the whole map into two parts. You can place the wall anywhere you want. It’s not a normal wall like Viper. This wall can absorb bullets, which means if you rush a site with the help of Cosmic Divide, enemies can not damage with the guns from the other side of the wall. But, yes, abilities can pass through the wall.

New team combinations are coming very soon. I’m also very excited to play this new agent. Let me know in the comment section, in which combination you are going to play this agent.


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