MediaTek Helio M80 is the first-ever company’s mmWave 5G modem

MediaTek has launched its first-ever 5G modem today. The company has named it as Helio M80. This 5G modem works with mmWave 5G networks. It is much faster than the previously offered Dimensity-branded mobile processors. This new modem includes Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), eight component carriers (8CC), Sub-6 GHz, and mmWave dual connectivity and carrier aggregation.

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With this, MediaTek has joined the elite list of Samsung and Qualcomm who have the capabilities to offer ultrafast 5G connectivity. The Taiwanese chipmaker says that this new chipset, Helio M80, won’t be available this year. But it might be launched with the new smartphones next year, that is, by 2022. 

The 5G modem can achieve a download speed and upload speed up to 7.67 Gbps and 3.76 Gbps. The company plans to expand its 5G-enabled portfolio to smartphones, PCs, Mi-Fi hotspots, broadband customer premise equipment (CPE), industrial IoT applications, and more. It is highly suggested that MediaTek might venture into the always-connected PC domain as well with its MediaTek T700 modem. To save battery consumption, MediaTek has introduced two technologies: UltraSave Network Environment Detection and UltraSave OTA Content Awareness. 

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Based on the kind of network you are in, it helps in adjusting power configuration and operating frequency. mmWave 5G Networks are accessed by only a small set of smartphones. Almost all of these devices are powered by various Samsung and Qualcomm mobile processors. 

The new modem, Helio M80, will be different from both of them. Rather than just top-of-the-line smartphones, it will cater to relatively affordable smartphones with this technology. Thus, expanding the reach of 5G, one of the driving forces of the future.

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