Safeguarding Businesses/CovidTECH: MorpheusTEK Partners with DreamVu & mAIrobotics to revolutionize Virus Technology

mAIrobotics AI Thermal Scanner & DreamVu Social Distancing Camera to be First Line of Defense Amidst Reopening and the new norm.

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Philadelphia, PA – January 11, 2021 – MorpheusTEK, a leading robotics sensor and technology supplier, partnered with DreamVu, a leader in omnidirectional 3D vision, as well as mAIrobotics, a leader of core multi-modal AI robotics technology, today announced at the 2021 CES Virtual Conference the launch of a series of groundbreaking CovidTECH social distancing and monitoring technologies that bring a whole new meaning to safety in the workplace.

As America and the rest of the world battle the COVID-19 and adapt to the new norm, reducing risk remains the main priority. Employers strive to protect their patrons, whether they be healthcare providers, manufacturing facility operators, daycare and school administrators, or government and non-profit organization leaders, building owners, retailers, and facilities managers. Their resources to do just this have remained limited by manually operated devices, until now.

“Currently there are limited options available to building owners, managers, and employers to ensure people are safe,” says Phil Hennessy, CEO of MorpheusTEK. “With the advanced AI-enabled and fully automated body temperature technology from mAIrobotics and the cutting-edge social distancing and people flow monitoring technology from DreamVu, buildings can now use technology to easily and accurately monitor and take action for safety”.

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The DreamVu PAL Omnidirectional 3D Vision System for Social Distancing and People Flow Monitoring is an industry-changing technology that provides unparalleled field-of-view with depth perception, making its state-of-the-art design inimitable. While other solutions can monitor narrow areas, PAL is the only solution that covers entire rooms from a single vantage point. This saves building owners and managers with significant installation and operating costs.

Safeguarding Businesses/CovidTECH: MorpheusTEK Partners with DreamVu & mAIrobotics to revolutionize Virus Technology

This 360°, the 3D camera provides complete, real-time coverage for entire workspaces up to 20 x 20 yards while also maintaining the ability to count people, monitor movement, and trigger alerts when social distancing is violated. This low-power, low-cost, low-latency solution seamlessly and easily integrates with popular video management systems (VMS) to unearth the next generation of visual intelligence at the lowest total cost per area.

For more information on the PAL Omnidirectional 3D Vision Systems, click links below and contact MorpheusTEK at [email protected] +1-610-883-6026. 

The mAIrobotics Gatekeeper and MassProtector are the only AI-enabled, cloud based, enterprise integration capable IR thermal scanner body temperature solutions in the world. With this contactless, fully automated technology, employers will be able to detect body temperature in less than half a second with ±0.5°F accuracy even with a mask on to alert a high temperature. Advanced features include mask detection, high temperature alert on mobile phone and QR code scanning.

Premium model also supports advanced features such as NFC scanning, facial recognition, and API access to integrate into other enterprise applications. The Gatekeeper and Massprotector solutions can perform face detection and body temperature measurement from up to 6 feet for the Gatekeeper, and up to 26 feet for the MassProtector Pro. While also categorized by mask detection and facial recognition features, the mAIrobotics series remains the perfect solution for safe every-day workplace endeavors. For more information on the Gatekeeper and MassProtector series, click the links below and contact MorpheusTEK at [email protected] or +1-610-883-6026.

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