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List of Best Games Developed on Unreal Engine

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Firstly, you should know about Unreal Engine; secondly, we will reveal the names of the most popular games built on the Unreal Engine. Epic Games developers the Unreal Engine, especially for game development in 1998. The first title which was made on Unreal Engine was an FPS game (Unreal). Although the game engine was developed for only FPS games, it has been started to use in various genres, including Fighting, Platformers, and MMORPGs. The program of Unreal Engine is written in C++, and it comes with the support of portability, covering a massive range of platforms. There are four different versions of Unreal Engine available, and the latest Unreal Engine 5 is scheduled to release in late 2021. Here’s a list of games developed on Unreal Engine, including the most-popular title Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Here’s a list of Best Games Developed on Unreal Engine

Lots of extremely famous games and their franchises have used the Unreal Game Engine. We have compiled a list of the Best Games developed on Unreal Engine. But before, you should know that two free gaming engines are trending nowadays, such as Unity and Unreal 4. On the other hand, Godot is also gaining popularity among developers but has to dominate a massive battlefield before standing it out of a massive crowd. The Unreal Engine started back in 1998 with an FPS game mentioned above. 



Without a doubt, Fortnite is developed on Unreal Engine because the developers of both projects are the same; therefore, anyone can confirm that Fortnite is built on the said gaming engine. Fortnite comes with three exciting modes, such as Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative. It serves as one of a few games that achieved a milestone of 10M players within a month of its release. The game’s premise is its Battle Royale genre, and the game features several components.

Moreover, there are different playable characters available; each one has unique abilities and skills that give you outstanding powers and abilities. Nowadays, starting playing Fortnite is quite challenging for newbies because they can experience the proper gameplay because of hardcore players who kill them within no time. Therefore, most players are always searching to buy cheap Fortnite Account with legendary skins, costumes, and weapons. 

Gear 5

The Coalition has used Unreal Engine 4 for the development of their most-popular title, Gear 5. A Third-person Shooter video game released for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The game brings both Single-player and Multiplayer modes to provide you thrilling gameplay experience. Using the local Multiplayer mode, up to three players can play together using a split-screen option. The storyline follows the protagonist named Kait Diaz, and the event takes place many months after the previous title. The plot focuses on the struggle of the female protagonist, who attempts to reveal the origins of the Locust and the truth behind her family’s history.

Hello Neighbor

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The perfect mixture of Horror and Survival is offering by Hello Neighbor – a beautiful game built on Unreal Engine 4. The game throws you into the role of a boy who needs to sneak into the neighbors’ basement while searching for secrets to reveal. Using Unreal Engine 4, the developer has introduced a smart AI system that modifies the neighbor’s behavior based on the player’s past actions. As the game starts, the player finds himself moving into a new home across the street full of mysterious neighbors. As the player navigates the street, he finds a strange neighbor behaving strangely.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is an Action-Adventure video game released In 2017 by Supermassive Games and published by SCE. Developers used the unreal game engine 4 to create the game and released it for the PS4. It merges multiple genres, such as Action-Adventure and Horror. It sets the third-person camera perspective for the navigation and throws the player into the homicide detective named Becky Marney and Felicity Graves. According to the plot, both characters are involved in a case of a serial killer. It introduces a quick time event that decides the outcome of the storyline.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Using the Unreal Game Engine 4, New World Interactive has developed the most popular game – Insurgency for Multiple Platforms. The game brings Tactical Shooter gameplay to your gaming console and lets you play with other players and friends using online Multiplayer mode. It serves as the sequel to the first title released in 2014. The majority of players acclaimed the realistic graphics, level design, atmosphere, and visual effects of the game, thanks to Unreal Game Engine. It has a series of game modes, including Push, Firefight, Frontline, Domination, Competitive, and Limited Time Playlist.


Another fantastic video game, LawBreakers that was built on Unreal Engine and released by Nexon. It supports only Multiplayer mode and comes with a traditional FPS gameplay experience. Earlier, Unreal Engine was famous for the development of FPS video games; later on, it started to add many possibilities and dozens of new features to help builders create games of other genres. The game tried to expand on the traditional First-person Shooter approach by featuring low-gravity gaming aspects while focusing on introducing the character selecting mechanics.

Life is Strange 2

A sequel of the Graphic Adventure video game Life is Strange 2 has been released in 2018 for Multiple Platforms. Players acclaimed the improved graphics and episodic graphic adventure gameplay that keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. The game has only a Single-player mode, and it lets you move across the world from a third-person viewpoint. In the game, the player commands a character, a teenager named Sean Diaz. During the game, the player interacts with the land to obtain objects and interact with NPCs using the dialogue trees. Hundreds of other games are also available across the internet developed on Unreal Engine, including the following: Mortal Kombat X, Observer, State of Decay 2.

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