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Fix Your Inverter Battery Charging Issues at Home

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These days, it is tough to imagine living without an inverter.

If the power supply goes off, we rely on the inverter & Inverter battery system, to supply us with the necessary electricity for essential power devices such as lights, fans, and others. But often, we face the issue with charging the inverter battery, which can make matters complicated. There can be several explanations of why an inverter battery does not get charged, and to solve the problem, it is necessary to know them.

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Here are some of the common inverter battery charging issues that you should be familiar with:

  • Reverse Connection of The Inverter Battery

When there is a reverse connection of the battery with the inverter, it leads to a short circuit in the DC fuse of Inverter & Inverter stops charging of battery.  and thereby resulting in no power backup during electricity failures.

  • Loose Battery Connections

Loose battery connections may be another common explanation of why the inverter does not charge the battery. If the battery is loosely connected with the inverter or the main supply plug of the inverter is loosely plugged-in to the wall socket, the inverter would not be able to correctly charge the battery. There may be also issues in main supply voltage, like supply voltage is beyond the operating range of the inverter, main supply MCB is tripped, Main supply fuse of blown-off, there is inadequate power or no power in the main supply wall socket, for which also inverter stops charging of the battery. It is also recommended to regularly check the inverter battery terminals for corrosion or lose connection, and then correctly clean and clamp them. If you are unable to clean or inspect the battery terminals yourself, it is best to assist someone skilled in doing so.

  • Dead Battery

A battery that is dead is one of the most common reasons that an inverter does not charge. Replacing the inverter battery is the only solution to this problem. This indicates that the battery life is over, and there is no way of fixing it. By either going to the store or buying it online, you can easily buy an inverter battery yourself. Or, you can ask a specialist to fix your battery.

  • Water in Battery Dries Up
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One more possible inverter battery charging issue occurs when the water in it completely dries up. It means that the inverter battery has not been maintained for a long time. By looking at the type of battery, you can easily top-up the inverter battery with water, at home. You will not need the help of any professional for the same.

  • Internal Failures

Internal failures in the inverter battery like a short circuit, dead cells, or problems like terminal disconnection can lead to issues with the charging of the inverter.

  • High Resistance

An inverter battery also charges less if the resistance is high in the battery and the inverter interconnection or the terminal. During battery operations, lead sulphate accumulates at the inverter battery connection terminal. This may increase the wire resistance, creating problems in the current flow between the inverter and the battery.

One common reason for undercharging of inverter battery is the length of the wires connecting the inverters and the batteries. There are leading inverter and battery companies in India like Luminous that offer inverters designed with accurate wire length so that the battery always charges appropriately. If these wires are cut or tampered with to increase the length, the electric resistance will increase, affecting the battery’s charging. For the inverter battery to charge properly, the wire should not be tampered with. For HKVA (High Capacity Inverter), which uses more than one battery, it must use the same make and model. There are inverter battery charging issues if different capacity, type, or size of batteries are used. During interconnection in high capacity battery banks, you must only use the manufacturer suggested length of inverter battery wires, and cross-sections should be used.

Inverters and batteries are critical devices that, always, must be in good working condition. If you face any inverter or battery-related problem, including one where your inverter battery is not charged, you must act immediately and fix the problem. Several service providers offer a full range of inverters and batteries, such as Luminous. They also provide customers with repair-related services of Luminous products.

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