WhatsApp Update: A redesigned management tool for junk files clearance

A new update has arrived on WhatsApp regarding the junk clearance of the app. WhatsApp is rolling out to redesigned storage management to remove the junk messages. This new update is helpful to free the storage of the phone from junk files. This new tool also makes it helpful to spot and erase unnecessary files that are shared or forwarded multiple times using the app.

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Previously in June, we have seen the initial stages of this newly redesigned storage management when there was a specific option in WhatsApp to delete the large files as well as forwarded content.

This newly redesigned storage management tool has already updated for the Beta users of WhatsApp, so the Beta tester of WhatsApp can try this update now by going in Setting>Storage in data>Manage storage on the app.

Previously, WhatsApp was provided only chats under the ‘Storage Usages’ section which could help the users to free up some spaces on their phones. Due to this new update, there is an all-new interface with a dedicated bar which helps users to know how much storage is being consumed by the WhatsApp media content, alongside other apps.

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After this update on WhatsApp, users will get an option to view media files that are forwarded many times through this app. This helps users to clean up the unnecessary files and free up the storage.

Due to this new update, users get a list of files that are larger than 5MB in size. The users can sort the files and preview them before deleting them. When the storage is almost full then the user will also get a notification on the top of their chats, then the user can tap on that notification to quickly access this redesigned management tool.

This new update of WhatsApp is likely to help resolve the storage problems of many users- chiefly impacting the internal storage of the phone.



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