Redmi Earphones vs Realme Buds Classic: Which one is the best at Rs.399 ($5.41)?

Redmi Earphones vs Realme Buds Basic: Which one is the best at Rs.399 ($5.41)

It’s been a long time since we saw premium quality wired earphones in a budget range from the popular smartphone brands. Now a few weeks back we got our hands on the Realme Buds Classic and recently we got the Redmi Earphones, so we are eager to make a comparison on both these budget earphones. To remind our readers both the earphones are available in Amazon at Rs.399 ($5.41). Both the headphones have their own specialty and its own back draws, but keeping in mind the price range we can understand all of these.

Realme Buds Classic was launched on 18th August in Amazon along with several other devices in an online launch. Whereas, the Redmi Earphones were launched in India a week ago on September 7. Both the earphones are one of the cheapest earphones a company can make within Rs.400 budget. Though we have the Mi Basic Wired Headset which also comes under this price range, these newcomers are our target of the day.


Now let’s have a look at the specifications of both the earphones.

Specification of Realme Buds Classic

  • Large 14.2mm Large Driver ensures high fidelity music
  • Half in-ear comfortable design
  • in-line HD microphone for crystal clear calling experience
  • Richer Bass to enjoy the power of music
  • Built-in single remote allows easy control for calls and musi

Specification of Redmi Earphones

  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Aluminum alloy sound chamber
  • 10mm dynamic drivers
  • In-built HD microphone
  • Y shaped flexible cable
  • 1.25m strong & flexible cable
  • Multi-function button
  • In-ear design
  • Feather lightweight: 13gms


You can see a lot of differences while comparing the design of both the earphones. Let’s talk about the Realme Buds Classic first. The earphone is the second wired headset from the company and the first one with a half in-ear ear tip. This earphone has a half in-ear design that can fit in your ear properly. Now coming to the control button, the single button is multifunctional. The earphone has a 3.5mm jack and the wires have special stripe design.

The Redmi earphone has an interesting in-ear design with a shiny plastic body. It also has a single but multifunctional control button. The wire of this earphone is smooth and made of rubber. The 3.5mm jack is L shaped.


In terms of comfort, there is a huge difference between these two earphones. Let’s talk about the Realme Buds Classic first, this earphone has an old model half-ear design. Now, what is half-ear design? It does not have the plug-in type design like all other present-day earphones and it does not go totally inside the ear tunnel. This design first time feels soothing in-ear, but as time passes the hard plastic oval design of the earphone does not even feel comfortable thus starts hurting inside the ear. This is the only disadvantage of this kind of design.

Coming to the Redmi Earphones it has a plug-in design like normal earphones these days, and this one fits perfectly in the ear and doesn’t hurt even after wearing for a long time. The rubber ear tips are provided with 3 steps adjustable sizes and are very smooth. It fits according to the size.


To make it clear both the earphones are very basic and have a minimal design and built quality is also maintained overall. Both the earphones will have a single button control which is multifunctional as well. A single press will receive a call, play/pause music. Double click will play the next song, whereas, a triple-click will play the previous music. A simple press and hold will also help you to end a call seamlessly.



Wired earphones are really long-lasting and from the built quality of both the Realme Buds Classic and Redmi Earphones are extremely good for this price range and if handled properly it can be used for a long term. From day to day usage of both the earphones it can be said that they both are pretty durable and can be used without any tangles in mind. Though the Redmi Earphone is more prone to get tangled still it is a good choice.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of Relme Buds Classic is really good, even with a half-ear design the 14.2mm audio driver is way more loud and dynamic. The design of the earphone manages to accommodate a large driver for an earphone, whereas, other earphones can hardly feature 10mm dynamic audio drivers. The quality of the audio is quite crisp and soothing at the same time. The earphone does not physically support a bit of minimum noise cancellation because of its design, but the sound compensates with that giving a nice audio experience.

Redmi Earphones do feature a 10mm dynamic audio driver and the in-ear design provides a very distinct audio quality. The audio is not very loud or high pitched rather soothing similar to the Realme Buds Basic earphones. The in-ear audio experience is really good after using it for so many days on a regular basis. The adjustable ear tips help to fit perfectly in your ears and will give a physical noise cancellation which is really a plus point for this earphone.

In The Call

Now coming to one of the most important aspects of earphones as we get an in-line microphone and this helps while talking with someone in the call. The mic of both the earphones is really good and keeping the price point in mind it is really great that brands are providing details in such small things. The person on the other side of the does not face in distortion or any kind of disturbance while talking. The quality is not compromised even in this price range.

Box Content of Realme Buds Classic

  • Earphone
  • User guide

Box Content of Redmi Earphones

  • Earphone
  • Adjustable eartips (2 pairs)
  • User guide

Pros of Both

The sound quality of both the earphones is extremely good keeping in mind the price point. The design and built quality are also premiums for both of them. Realme Buds Classic has a very unique texture in the wire and thus makes it feel different from others. Whereas the Redmi Earphones has the mic and button system on the wire of the right-side earpiece, this helps to talk without holding the mic near your mouth and the sound remains clear on the other side of the call. The L shaped 3.5mm jack of Redmi Earphones helps a lot as it saves the space and also assures the longevity of the wire from bending.

Cons for Both

Realme Buds Classic has the major drawback for its earpiece that does not properly fit in the ear and starts hurting after wearing it for a long time. Realme Buds Classic also has the mic and control button panel at the junction.

Redmi Earphones has no such back draws except it tangles a lot and it becomes difficult to untangle it most of the time because of its rubber wires, which creates high friction while applying tension to untangle it.


Price and Availability

Realme Buds Classic earphone is available are Amazon India at only Rs.399. There is only two colour option – Black and White. Here is the link:

Redmi Earphone is available are Amazon India at only Rs.399. There is three colour option – Red, Blue, and Black. Here is the link:



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