Imagine the punter’s paradise: place where odds are always high, girls are always hot, sports line is even wider then you can imagine and the money drop outs are proceeded via snapping your fingers. Quite pleasant, right? Unfortunately, punter’s paradise doesn’t exists in reality… 

1xBet Mobile App for Android and iOS

However, there is one’s who almost equal to it – that’s all about 1xBet. Wide famous platform for sports wagering, casino and slots-games, poker and other games of chance – all these functions available just from 1xBet app on your phone. And yeah, it’s free.  

Because they a worldwide coverage bookie, the app may be prohibited in some countries. With such circumstances, this review is a way out the tutorial of 1xBet app download.  

While proceeding 1xbet app download for android, an issue may exist – you’d be asked to allow launching from unknown resources. To handle it go to privacy’s section in setting and tick the box with accepting downloads from anywhere.

Is it possible to download 1xBet Mobile App on the iPhone? 

Not just possible, but deeply simple and quick to proceed eihter. In order to download 1xbet app for ios, check the AppStore and search it. What? Cannot find it? Guess it is prohibited in your region… 

1xBet Mobile App for Android and iOS

If it so, listen up how to overcome it: all you have to do is to change your region of Apple ID of residence (Settings —> Your Profile —> iTunes&AppStore —> Apple ID —> Country&Region). It might be Cyprus or somewhere else where the app is not banned.  

Why 1xBet Mobile app is widely considered as the best one? 

I know it would sound elementary, but still – because it is the best one. Simple navigation, customisable UI, Touch ID feature, streams and LIVE-translations integrated, notifications about particular events and even more others features listed.  

The app is perfectly fit for live-wagering, as well as prematch. There’s a lot more I can tell you, but you better try by yourself.  

How to sign in 1xBet? 

There are 4 ways to choose: 

  1. –> email 
  2. –>Phone number 
  3. –>Social Network Importing 
  4. –> one-click 

1-click-registering the quickest one, that way would register you just in seconds automatically. The login and password would be generated by the system, but for a wager in fiat currency, you have to insert email and password anyway.  

Registering procedure can be passed through via mobile phone as well. Thus,1xbet app download, sign up and prepare for adventures. Here we go.

1xBet Mobile App for Android and iOS

How to make a deposit and make a betslip via 1xBet App?

There are over 160 presented ways of making deposit in the app, including the next cryptocurrencies: 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Dash 
  • ZCas 
  • Bitcoin Gold 
  • VERG 
  • Ripple 
  • Paxos Standard Token 
  • OmiseGO 
  • BitShares 
  • Litecoin 
  • Ethereum 
  • NEM 
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • QTUM and others 

Ordinary bank transferring or credit/debit card way of depositing is waiting for your actions. Ready. Steady. Go. 

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