Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) had a recent update which brought in the popular Vikendi Snow Map. Now, the developer is all set to launch new January update and One of the expected highlights of the upcoming update is a possible ‘Zombie’ game mode for PUBG Mobile.

PUPG’s official Youtube channel gave the teaser for the PUBG X Resident Evil collaboration back on December 3rd, 2018.

The last day of #PMSC2018 Dubai Finals. What could be more exciting than announcing that PUBG MOBILE is teaming up with #ResidentEvil! Something is coming very soon. #pubgmobilexre2

As we will get to see the latest PUBG X RE2 Remake crossover which will bring lots of new items and skins. There are also rumors of new zombie mode which will be introduced in the upcoming update as a new arcade mode addition for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile.

All the possible addition and changes include:-

  • Zombie Theme (PUBG X Resident Evil crossover).
  • New snow area in Mountain Region of PUBG’s Erangel map
  • New dynamic weather in Miramar and Erangel map
  • MK 47 Mutant Assault Rifle, G36C SMG and PP-19 Bizon SMG gun.
  • New Weapon Skorpion, which can be equipped in the side arms spot
  • Chinese year themed spawn lobby
  • Death cam replay
  • New Animations(door opening and closing)
  • New Main Menu theme
  • New Vehicle addition in Sanhok (Tuk-Tuk)
  • PUBG will add some more classic voices in the chat box.
  • May Include Laser Sights
  • Vikendi Final Release.

While we are at PUBG Mobile Update 0.10 and the latest upcoming update is going to be 0.11. The Chinese version of the game is already at update 0.13. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile lightspeed beta edition has got the update 0.13 which includes some long-awaited features, including a new Vikendi night mode, new weapons and other stuffs.

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