Are you fitness conscious? But didn’t get time to maintain? For those whose answers are yes, maximum of them ever tried any kind of fitness app even ones in life.

If any reader of this blog wants better assistance than before or try the best one, Use Google Fit. Give it some moments every day, it will keep you healthy and fit.

What is Google Fit?

Google Fit is a Fitness tracking app. This app is only available for Android Platforms. Sorry iPhone users.

How Google Fit works?

Basically, Google Fit use device’s all sensors to track your movements and calculate raw facts. Then according to the programmed algorithms and following WHO’s instructions, it assists you to perform works.

These works are not as Gym’s workouts. All are daily life works, like using stairs rather than lifts etc. Check out for more information.

Why GooglFit?

Only two Points are enough to overtake all other this kind of apps.

  • This app is created and managed by Google
  • Google’s Fit is based on WHO’s Activity Recommendations

As I said before, give some moments to it and it will keep you fit and healthy.

Take this BOLD Initiative for your better health, better future and the most important- for your family.

There are some apps who working with Fit. But, when you are getting the original service why you choose other apps based on this?

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