Ever faced Internet Connectivity problem while you are outside of your local area? If not then Congratulations, but if yes then also Congratulations. Cause Google is trying to sort out this problem.

Actually, this is not their intention. Their motto is something different, but quite similar to it.

We all know, in the World there are so many places where Internet Facility doesn’t reach yet. Google is trying to bring that kind of places under Internet Accessible area.

So, how will they do it?

As mentioned in the title, Project Loon is the answer.


project loon_1_technosports.co.in


How does it work?

To distribute an internet service, the Stratosphere is the best layer we can access. From that part, a single balloon can spread the internet service to a wider area.

All the balloons used for this purpose are equipped with

  • ANTENNAS to transmit connectivity from ground stations, across a balloon mesh network, and back down to a user’s LTE phone.

  • SOLAR PANELS to give supply power directly to equipment in the day and to charge the battery which will supply power at night.


project loon_equipments_technosports.co.in.png


  • FLIGHT CAPSULE to hold the electronics that command and control the Loon system.

  • PARACHUTE to guide the balloon safely back to Earth after its flight during deploy time.


There will have the ground stations, which will be connected with the Internet Service Provider. The ground station sends the incoming signal to the nearest balloon. Afer that signal will be relayed across the network and users can easily access the internet with an LTE Supported smartphone coming back from the loon network.

A large number of balloon groups will spread through the Stratosphere to spread the proper problem free internet service worldwide.


project loon_2_technosports.co.in


Why Balloons for this project?

  • Fuell cost for balloons are very less
  • These Balloons are capable to endure harsh conditions in Stratosphere
  • Easy to manage during launching and after landing
  • These can last more over 100 days in Stratosphere.
  • These balloons can be designed with Autonomous Navigation system easily in comparison with the other flying objects.
  • Forming a Balloon is cheaper than forming other flying objects.


How they launch this balloons?

Google designed Autolaunchers to launch that huge balloons. Those launchers are capable to launch a new balloon in every half an hour.

After coming back of a balloon, rescue teams will locate first with the navigation system and collect all the equipment along with the balloon.


project loon_launcher_technosports.co.in.jpg


This project is under the testing period. When it will be applied, all the internet connectivity problems will be gone for forever.

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